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Off we go to EXPO WEST 2017...

We know you are ready for some new and exciting food ideas on your YAO diet...

And we are ready to forge every single booth on your behalf starting FRIDAY!  Every year, we head back to the Natural Products EXPO WEST in Anaheim to not only find new exciting goodies for you to taste and purchase right at YAO, but to also find out about the top new exciting things you will be finding at your local grocers: Whole Foods, Natural Grocers, Sprouts and eventually trickling into King Soopers, Target and Safeway as well. 


  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Egg Free
  • Non-GMO/Project Verified (if possible)
  • Organic
  • No Corn/Soy (if possible)
  • Low in sugar (if possible)
  • Local company (if possible)
  • Locally grown ingredients (if possible)

Though these are our ideal criteria, we also recognize that you need options from which to select at the store and not everything will meet all of these.  The top 5 are the most important and the others listed are vegan icing on the gluten free cake.  So we use these as GUIDELINES in our selection process and not hard and fast criteria.

Items we will be looking for to have at YAO:

  • New Bars
  • Jerkies/Meat Sticks
  • Tasty new Chocolate bars/Candies
  • Treats that can be enjoyed by those of you needing a sugar free option!

Sharing our findings with you...SnapChat & Other

We know you want to be a part of this exciting adventure, so we have decided to give it a go and use some social media arenas to keep you up to date on our journey through the show. We are new to SnapChat, but after a successful rudimentary "story" today, we are ready to rock and roll. However, since we are new to it...we will definitely still be posting on our Facebook, Instagram & Twitter accounts. 

Please see our SnapCode and Social Medial Links below. 

We want to hear from YOU...Be a part of our conversation at EXPO

We would love to hear from you as we are going and will be monitoring all of our social media, so please let us know what you like...don't like...and want more of by commenting/liking/loving our posts.

See you online!

-Team YAO







Plans next Thursday? Come find art and massage at the Purple Party!


Join YAO Bodywork's Massage Therapist, Joseph Peters at The Purple Party hosted by Purple Couch Presents on Thursday night, March 24th into the wee hours of the morning at The Glitter Dome. Purple Couch brings together a beautiful fusion of Art, Music and Community.  Joseph will be there to support any tired bodies or anyone who simply needs a little chill out time. Over 700 people will be attending.  Looks fantastic!  He hopes to see you there!

My Morbid Zombie Apocolyptic Post-Partum Experience...Michelle Shares All

Who wants to be called "DEPRESSED or PSYCHOTIC"?

From my own personal experience, I believe that postpartum labels are misleading. This confusing classification of “depression and psychosis” may be the cause that so many women don’t seek help after having babies. Having a baby is supposed to be one of the most beautiful times in a woman’s life... who wants to think of themselves as depressed...yet alone psychotic?

Following the birth of my daughters I experienced a wide range of unsettling symptoms, none of which I would consider classic depression.

Almost immediately after my first daughter was born I was overwhelmed with intrusive thoughts. If I heard something on the news about a child being injured or victimized, I would obsess over the same fate befalling my daughter. If a child got hurt in a movie, I would get extremely emotional and be unable to finish watching; it would take days for me to get the images out of my mind.

Intrusive Thoughts Gone Wild

Probably the most irrational thoughts I encountered were those concerning a Zombie Apocalypse. No, I’m not joking. Before my daughter was born my husband and I enjoyed watching the Walking Dead. After my daughter was born, not so much. As crazy as it sounds I actually began to fear zombies as if they were a real threat. I lay in bed imaging what we would do incase of an attack. Where would we go? How would we defend ourselves? Of course no one knew that I was having these thoughts; I understood my irrational so I kept my obsessions to myself.

Eight months after Estee was born, I was pregnant again. After Isabella was born, I still wasn’t technically depressed, but I didn’t feel happy – I didn’t feel much of anything. I wasn’t interested in sex, I was having a difficult time remembering things, I felt as if my eyes had a film over them and I couldn’t see clearly, and I STILL had intrusive thoughts. The lack of feeling was the most distressing. I love my husband and my children, but at the time I couldn’t experience laughter or joy...just apathy. It took me a year and a half to get help. I suppose like many women, I assumed that the symptoms would fade over time. But they didn’t and my quality of life was deteriorating.

Success through Chinese Medicine

Even though I am a practitioner at YAO, I humbly made an appointment to get my blood tested and set up time with Daniel to design a treatment plan. With the help of Chinese Medicine, a better diet, several supplements and Cross Fit, I was 70% better within 3 months. As some of you are aware I am now 38 weeks pregnant with Baby #3.  Let's see what happens this time around.  Of course...I know at YAO I am in good hands with talented and compassionate staff.  I will be documenting my trials and tribulations on the new YAO New Mommies Facebook Community.  Join me there for support, strength and wishfully some humorous gems along the journey. 

YAO New Mommy Post-Partum Package

My desire to provide support for post-partum depression/intrusive thoughts (and whatever other crazy mis-leading diagnosis that none of us want to have) has led to the development of YAO's fabulous New Mommy Post-Partum program.  We are extremely proud of this package as it truly offers an all encompassing package for the Mother (especially when everyone else is concerned about the baby and Mama takes back seat)! The price is totally reasonable for a new and growing family and includes 6 full hour post-partum visits with acupuncture plus a FREE massage and FREE facial.  It goes without saying that new Moms need some R&R and the Facial is wonderful for dealing with any fluctuating hormone imbalances that are affecting the skin.  

Let us hold you when everything else feels like it's crashing around you

I know how brutal and isolating those feelings can be and no other Mom should have to go that road alone.  Please don't hesitate to reach out to any of us at YAO.  Either call us directly at 303-777-7891 or complete the request form below and we will be in touch promptly to assist you in your challenging situation.  

Holiday Tips for Busy Moms From Michelle



It get's so incredibly crazy during the holidays. Just when we think we have things either organized physically or our minds settled down, one child or a family member or even a friend...incident on the freeway or other can take us down quickly. With that in mind, here's a few things as it relates to your ties with YAO to keep things CHILL!



Keep holiday indulgence to a minimum. Wanting to stray form your optimal diet over the holidays is to be expected, but if you're like many of our patients at YAO, indulging in gluten, egg or dairy can be detrimental to your digestion and well-being.

If you're unsure of the food being served at a holiday party, make sure you eat at home before you venture out. If you have the time, try baking your favorite treats with Gluten Free 1:1 Bob's Red Mill Flour, Earth Balance or Coconut Oil in place of butter and substitute eggs with an egg replacer (EnerG) or flax seed and water. If you know you're going to indulge because your Mom is making your favorite holiday dessert, come into YAO for some Repairvite, Underbergs, Culing pills and more. Here are some holiday desserts that are YAO approved. (Make sure to substitute with Gluten Free Flour if necessary).





It's easy to overbook your schedule during the holidays with friends, family and co-workers. Unfortunately, your health and sanity are often at stake. Workouts get cancelled, diets are compromised and the lack of down time leaves you feeling stressed and irritable.  Prioritize your social engagements; say YES to those that re important to you and your family and NO to those that aren't going to have a positive effect on your life. 


This year I am 6 months pregnant with two toddlers; the thought of getting ready for Christmas was overwhelming so I called my Mother and asked her if we could spend Christmas with her.  Going to her house now saves me the trouble of cooking and cleaning, and as an added bonus,  my kids will be properly spoiled for 5 days while I nap and eat too much.

If it's your turn to host Christmas dinner, ask your guests to bring side dishes and desserts.

If you're stressed out about cleaning, ask your loved ones to pitch in to hire a cleaning service before your big day of entertaining.

If you need some alone time, ask for it!  Arrange for your kids (or spouse) to get out of the house for a few hours. 

Sometimes when we need help, we give hints or expect other people to read our minds. Make sure your requests for help are direct and understood.


Did you let it go too far?  too long since we've seen you? Book your appointment today 303-777-7891 and we can get you on the table for some deeper relaxation/a little YAO nap in the ever available YAO Time Warp.  You know where to find us. We're here when you need us.

Happy Holidays!

Michelle Luiz, LAc, YAO Medicine

Stress Management Through The Holidays from YAO Bodywork

Everyone knows that holiday stress can creep into our bodies so easily.  We think we are grounded, knocking off things on our "to do" list and then WHAM...we get hit by a cold, we are late to an engagement, we can't orchestrate the timing of getting things done correctly etc and we feel the stress and anxiety clamber up inside our body.  

Both of our YAO Massage Therapists have come up with some fabulous ways to beat the holiday stress.


Breathing can be so underrated!  At YAO, we often find that many of our patients do not truly understand deep diaphragmatic breathing.  Short, high breaths can easily contribute to stress and anxiety.  There is incredible nourishment and relaxation that simply comes from learning how to properly breathe.


  1. Find a comfortable position: lying down, sitting in a comfortable chair or other. 
  2. Close your eyes and let your breath fall lower and lower into your abdomen. This means that when you inhale, your belly should rise up and when you exhale it should fall back into the body. 
  3. To add a more energetic component, imagine your breath as a beam of new fresh energy or light coming in through the top of your head and finding the place in your body where you are holding stress. Imagine the new energy coming in and transforming any old stagnant energy. Any old energy can dissipate from the body through the feet or head an can be recycled back into the earth.


Take a moment to just relax your body by doing a short visualization. Close your eyes and visualize a calming place with every sense of your body.  What does this space feel like? Smell like? What is the air temperature? What sounds are transpiring? Possibly a light breeze? Smell the air around you, notice the light and shadows that exist in this space.  Be present here and allow yourself to practice some deep breaths in this space.

Fluid Movement

Enough sitting and standing still, learn to move each joint in the body through its range of motion.  If you do this 20 times each morning, you will increase the synovial fluid in the joints. It gets the body moving and awake..ready to face the day!

LIDDY's Days at YAO: Wednesdays and Fridays

Joseph's Tips

Boost Your Immune System with Regular Massage


Cold and flu season can be extremely challenging on the body.  Did you know that massage therapy is a proven immune booster?  Numerous studies have indicated that massage increases the immunity by increasing the lymph flow and body's natural "Killer cells". Once the immune system is stronger, your body is more prepared to defend itself against those cold and flu viruses going around your workplace, school or even your home during the winter months. Booking regular massage throughout cold and flu season is a wonderful measure that will aid in assuring a smooth Cold and Flu season. 

Improve Overall Circulation in Winter with Massage  

Hands and feet can easily get cold and clammy during the winter months.  We may also find an increase in stiffness in joints and muscles with the chilly weather.  Massage therapy increases the circulation in muscles, joints and organs warming up the body.  The aches and pains associated with the chill can be easily eliminated with regular massage in our cozy YAO Bodywork room. 

Thanks for the Massage, My Winter Blues are Gone!

As it turns out there is a decrease in number of those affected by winter blues in those who receive regular massage.  Ah, the power of touch! 

JOSEPH's Hours at YAO: Tuesdays, every other Thursday and Saturdays

OH No, I Ate Something I Wasn't Supposed to - OR Oh No, I Drank Too Much!

It happens to the best of us. We're at a holiday party and someone says that what we are about to eat is totally gluten free, but then mid-way through after they explain how they made it to us, we realize that it wasn't dairy or egg free.  Never fear check out these "before and During items" followed by the "morning after" items. 

When it happens

Here's what you want to do. Immediately get some of that Repairvite in your body (PIC ABOVE).  The sooner you get it in, the sooner it will sweep the yuckies away.  Also take some Culing Pills and an Underberg to get things under control quickly and discharge any discomfort. 


So you forgot to take anything right when it can definitely have the Repairvite the morning after (and a few days after continuously); however, you may also want to try Huo Xiang Zheng Qi Pian.  It is pictured here both in vials of small pills as well as within a liquid. The liquid will act quickly by getting into your system fast.  The pills are easy to take also and will get in there, but just a little slower than a liquid might. 

We are sure that these will definitely make your holiday F#@! up a WHOLE lot easier.

All our best,


Fabulously Fun Gift Ideas from YAO Market

Alright... we have attempted to be both helpful and entertaining.  Let's see if we were able to accomplish either!  We had to special feature Daniel's Fave's and all our other employee fave's can be found here. 

Included below are some grouped items that we thought cater's to some of the challenges that many of our patients have as well as some fun gifty items.

The Mountaineer

For the skier/outdoorsman in your family.  This includes the ever amazing Altigen - fabulous for preventing altitude sickness and facilitating the increase in available oxygen in the body. YAO Oil - great for healing any cuts or wounds while hustling around outside. Enduro Bar - Fabulous energy snack with a caffeine kick to boot.  Chocolate Fig Espresso flavor - TASTY! Nick's Sticks - Grass Fed beef and turkey sticks.  A wonderful snack and energy boost when out and on the go. Golden Sunshine Pain Patches - Hurt yourself? These are wonderful both in the moment of injury and after it's happened, hours later.  You can cut the patches to the size of the injury.  Relief comes immediately.  Zhengu Shui. Another wonderful pain topical.  Spray the area.  No messing with sticky liquids that spill unnecessarily and are wasted. This little compact bottle of Zhengu Shui sprays the area and stays put. Yunnan Baio - Big injury? Cuts and more? Head trauma even?  The yellow pills in Yunnan Baio can be broken open and applied to the possible infected skin cut area.  Warning - it might not feel too nice, but it certainly will prevent infection.  Head Trauma - immediately take the red pill lodged in the center of the pack. We love how they put this in the pack as you never know when you may need it. Ching Wan Hung Burn Balm - Wonderful balm for any potential burns while out and about.  We can help you put the entire pack together or mix and match according to your gift recipients personality!


For those just venturing into the realm of Gluten Free, we have coupled together some of our favorite Gluten Free items at YAO.


If they haven't tried Sami's bread, bagels and chips, then by all means...turn them onto Sami's. Sami's is by far the BEST gluten, dairy and egg-free bread product company.  The sourdough is phenomenal! The GFB Bites and Bars - these are very tasty bars and a bag of bite size dough balls.  The balls come in the ever fun flavor of PB&J.  Ask us more about the flavor options, but these are really tasty as well as high in protein content. Simple Squares offer the adult with their very own "bar palate" boasting flavors of "sage", "rosemary" and "Cinna-clove".  Yummy! Ah...the good old OCHO bar, which is very similar to what many know the Mounds bar to be; however, the OCHO is all organic and down right delectable! And the Epic Bison Bar. Epic makes very tasty flavors of meat bars that are a wonderful meal substitute when necessary.


Sleep seems to be a challenge for many as of late. This fabulous pack of three gives you some options. 

Fulnight - This is our go to at YAO as of late.  Fulnight, though on the pricier side, we find it to be not necessarily great for getting to sleep, but for allowing you to sleep deeply through the night once you are asleep.  We love the fun dreams that come along with  Fulnight as well. Suan Zao Ren Tang and Anshen Buxin Wan are also wonderful remedies.  Come into YAO and talk to one of our staff members to find out which would suit you or your loved one best.

YAO Holiday Stress Buster Pack - 

 These are individual items (Seriphos, Tran-Qwill, PS Calm) that are wonderful for over stressed adrenals and the over stimulated mind.  Be sure to talk to a YAO practitioner to make a thoughtful decision on which one suits your situation or your loved one's situation best.  

Holiday cold and flu pack

Yes, don't we know it!  You over did it, didn't you?  And now you have the dreaded Holiday cold and flu.  Here are some items that may get you through to have on hand. 

The main things Daniel wants to be sure you know is how to decide between the use of Ganmaoling Tablets and Yinq Qiao.  Ganmaoling is used to prevent catching a cold and Yin Qiao is for cold and flu when you feel you have a sore throat.  The Watermelon Frost Tablets are a very specially prepared watermelon rind tablet that is  a wonderful lozenge for sore throat.  Olbas Lozenges are our new and wonderful line of cold care products.  Pictured here are the lozenges for coughs and sore throats.  Their powerful vapor works quickly and their flavor is very tasty.  We also carry the traditional Golden Throat Lozenges which are also very powerful and helpful for sore throats and coughs. Lastly,  we have the lovely White Flower oil, great for opening up the sinuses and chest/lungs. 


Put up your feet, kick back and relax. Soak your feet in this lovely YAO herbal foot soak, followed by rolling your feet on the thermal foot back and body Acuback roller and top it with an overnight Detox Foot Patch that will have you sleeping like a baby! Now that's a wonderful gift!


Spoil your loved one with the many lovely and nourishing bath, body, beauty and spirit items in YAO Market. Our most recent YAO Smudge spray is fabulous. The scent is instantly clearing and can be used for physical spaces as well as for a body smudge. Our staff can help individualize a lovely gift set depending on your giftee, but we have Osea, Dr. Singha's and Nefeli items to name a few from which to select. 

YAO's New Mommy Pack

Since we see a lot of new Mothers  at YAO and we know there will be a few new Mommies needing Holiday gifts, here's the pack we recommend These are the items we KNOW a new mother will want to have on hand.  #1 - A membership to YAO's New Mommy program.  This fabulous program allows for new mothers to receive care at YAO for a fraction of the price. While everyone is attending the baby, YAO will be caring for the Mom!

Included here is a small bottle of Yin-care and an applicator, great for keeping clean the vaginal area post birth. YAO Oil - fabulous for applying to any tears or cuts in the vaginal area post birth, Also great for applying to cracked or sore nipples after nursing. Quiet Nights a wonderful tincture for the fussy baby.  Shi Quan Da Bu Tang to assist in post-birth restful sleep and last but not least the cutest little YAO baby t-shirt!

YAO Gifts for the Spirit

All gifts to clear, soothe and invigorate the spirit.  The YAO Peace Buddha is a wonderful little reminder to not take life so seriously.  His jovial nature and peace fingers will bring in a lightness in areas where things may seem too heavy.  Need to burn something strong?  Grab the charcoal SwiftLites and burn some of the YAO Francincense to really do a thorough cleansing. Need a mild scent to clear the air, grab a stick or two of the YAO Palo Santo.  And again, pictured here - the YAO Smudge Spray for body, face and room. Deliciously aromatic and appropriate to cut any ungroovy energy. 


The beautiful gift pack of 9 Asian cards, the new YAO tea glasses, a set of Swift Lite and Francicense with a tempered dish to burn it on. The Happiness, Longevity and Prosperity Talisman...and the YAO Certificate for those whom you just can't find anything else for. 

We are wishful that these photos and break downs give you some good ideas not only during the holidays but throughout the year. 

All our best - TEAM YAO

Daniel's Holiday Faves!

He could hardly wait to share with you.  "No one ever asks me!" And now here's his chance.  


He's got one bigger ticket item which is the one he uses EVERYDAY.  That's right...everyday.  What could it be?  It's the Bonavita Variable Temperature 1 Liter Gooseneck Kettle. 

This is a fabulous kettle for all of our budding tea enthusiasts at YAO.  Many of you at YAO are on a program to decrease or stop drinking coffee.  Daniel is passionate about tea and is extremely excited about the unfolding of YAO Tea Market.  One of the things he loves most about the tea market is teaching all of you about how extremely interesting and cool tea really is: however, in order to KNOW it intimately, you truly have to steep tea at the correct temperature.  This lovely tea pot heats water up in seconds to the exact temperature to which you set it.  It will also "heat and hold" meaning that it will hold the heat until you lift the kettle from its seat.  This sells for $72.99 on Amazon, but Daniel wants to extend a deal to "all of his homies".  He wants you using this and drinking the amazing YAO Teas and is therefore selling it for $71.99!  That's right, YAO beats AMAZON!


These are all items that Daniel thought would make fabulous stocking stuffers. 

  • OCHO Minis - These are tasty chocolate coconut mini candy bars similar to a Mounds bar, but all organic.  We all love OCHOs at YAO.  But Daniel loves that you can open the pack and divide the minis into several stockings and everyone gets a tasty treat.
  • Chimes Candies - Spicy ginger chewy candies that again can be broken up into multiple stockings as stocking stuffers. Both Ochos and Chimes as well as everything at YAO is gluten, dairy and egg free.
  • Underberg - His favorite go to for overeating and overdrinking. The "I've gone too far" item!  Shoot these individual babies straight or mix with seltzer water to enjoy slowly during or after overeating or overdrinking.
  • Culing pills - Similar use as Underberg...used for overeating and overdrinking, but use the night you drank too much before you go to bed.
  • Enduro Bars - Again, easy to plop into a stocking. These are a great caffeine boost without drinking coffee itself.  The newer smaller packaging makes it especially easy for the on the go Mountaineers out for a ski or snowshoe.
  • White Flower Oil - Fabulous for opening the nasal passages when congested.  This tiny little bottle also fits nicely in a stocking.  A truly cheap and very powerful item for healing.
  • Olbas Pastilles - At the suggestion of one of our patients, we began carrying the line of Olbas products and we LOVE them.  Daniel really likes these pastilles as they stick to the roof of your mouth and the menthol and herbs seem to migrate up the palate and into the sinuses fluidly. 
  • Porous Capsicum - These super hot patches are one of Daniel's favorite's for the easy portability.  Great for first aid packs for that Mountaineer in the family. 
  • Ching Wan Hung Herbal Balms for Burns - Drank a little too much and forgot the pan was hot?  Or...just forgot the pan was hot due to rushing around like a chicken with its head cut off?  You really MUST have this burn balm at your house, especially during times when we are doing so much cooking!
  • Zhengu Shui Spray - For pulled, sore or just really tight muscules.  Daniel loves this as you can spray it onto the affected area making it quite convenient.  You can apply to any area by directly spraying or making a poultice with the herbal spray.  It penetrates deeply and quickly. It relieves symptoms of pain and stimulates healing.

If you have questions on any item, post them here! Happy Happy Everything!


The Gift of YAO

We have all kinds of fun gift items in our YAO Marketplace, but if "things" or "products" aren't really what you are going for...consider the Gift of YAO. Every year we have a group of die hard YAO fans that come in to purchase a YAO Gift Card for their loved ones.  Here are the ways that YAO can serve you in the form of a gift...

YAO Medicine -  $249/$170- Families love gifting an Initial Physician Visit to YAO to their loved ones. Jump in with Daniel Hudson for a 2 hour initial visit for $249 or start off with Michelle Luiz, LAc at $170 for a 1.5 hour visit.  Not sure which practitioner would be the best fit?  Call us and we would be happy to sort that out with you by phone. 

YAO Bodywork - We simply have the best deal in town.  We do!  $41 will buy your gift recipient a single one hour YAO Signature Massage OR $115 will buy them a pack of THREE YAO Signature Massages (to be used within a 3 month period, initiated at time of first visit). If they have already been to YAO and received this fabulous introductory offer, $80 can purchase a single hour YAO Signature Massage/ $120 can purchase an hour and a half YAO Extended Massage.  Your giftee needs a LOT of massage?  How about the YAO Bodywork Membership? Read more about those pricing options by clicking through here!

YAO Beauty - Similarly we have a fabulous deal on Facials, Waxing, Tinting and some new secret services up our sleeve. In YAO Beauty, we always start with the YAO Extended Facial (75 min) as the single intro, and if the recipient of your gift has never stepped into YAO Beauty, that only costs $62 (normally $140).  For the giftee that is in need of regular nurturing and tending to, we have a series of three facials which includes 1- YAO Extended Facial (75 min) and 2 YAO Signature Facials (60 min) for $125 (to be used within a 3 month period, initiated at time of first visit), that's barely over the cost of a single regular priced facial.  Once again, a SUPER deal! If the recipient already knows and loves YAO Beauty, we have the YAO Beauty Membership option as well.  Click through here to read more.  Lastly - stay tuned in the new year as we are about to lay out our full YAO Facial Rejuvenation Package.  It will include 9 YAO Beauty visits 3 include both Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture with deep exfoliating treatments and the other 6 will be pure Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture.  Both Cathy Castor our YAO Esthetician and Michelle Luiz, LAc will be working jointly to bring this to our YAO Family. 

YAO Market - We have some really fun ideas for gift packs.  You'll have to take a look at these other blog articles:


Oh No, I Ate Something I Wasn't Supposed to OR Oh No, I Drank Too Much.

Fabulously Fun Gift Ideas From YAO Market

Daniel's Holiday Faves

Additionally, we have some really great teas that we would be happy to package up for you or the lucky gift recipient.

However, if you want your giftee to be able to come in and select some items on their own, you are more than welcome to simply gift them a YAO Gift Card to come and shop on their own.

HOW DO I PURCHASE A GIFT CARD? - It's as simple as giving us a call or popping by the clinic.  We can take your information both in person and by phone and get you all set up to give the Gift of YAO this Holiday Season...the gift of health that truly keeps giving and giving and giving throughout the year!

YAO Beauty & Cathy Castor Share Winter Tips for Your Skin

The extreme cold, dry weather sure can do a number on your skin. Never fear...YAO Beauty has your back (and your face, lips, neck, hands, feet, etc.).  Here we're talking, hydration. Here are some fabulous tips from our truly amazing esthetician, Cathy Castor.


At YAO we always stress that good skin care starts from within and don't many of you know it! In this case besides telling you to avoid certain foods (our go-to, hahaha), we are telling you now that you CAN drink as MUCH water as you want! Generous, eh?

Hydrating your body really is  great for your skin.  Be sure to drink plenty of it, at least 8 - 8 ounce glasses of water per day. Having trouble remembering to drink your water.  Here's a couple ideas:

  1. Set a timer on your phone to go off every two hours until it becomes a habit.
  2. Love Apps?  Get Water Your Body, the App that helps you track how much water you've had AND reminds you when to drink another glass among a bunch of other cool things.


If you are celebrating the holidays with a cocktail or two, remember that alcohol dehydrates the skin. Alternate a glass of soda water with fruit after each cocktail to keep your skin hydrated. 


It happens!  Even when you are doing your best to hydrate, your skin can still feel insanely dry and itchy.  So here's a few things YAO Beauty can offer.

Deep Exfoliating Facial - Book a 75 Minute YAO Extended Facial and within that you can receive a deep exfoliating facial with Cathy using either the Dermafile or receiving a Dermaplane. The Dermafile actually uses a diamond file to exfoliate the top layers of skin and stimulate the skin to create new cells. Dermafiling is very similar to what we know as Microdermabrasion; however there is no suction device that can at times cause damage to capilarries. The Dermaplane actually removes these layers but using a different technique.  Here we are actually shaving off the layers of skin and starting anew.  Be sure to request which of these services you would prefer if you are going for this Deep Exfoliating Treatment.  Not sure which one?  I (Cathy) can discuss this with you personally when you arrive and we can decide even at the time of your visit.

3 AMAZING Osea products that are the bomb for hydrating the skin (mind you, this was difficult to pick 3 as truly all of the products are SUPER hydrating) . Post deep exfoliation and also for general maintenance the following products are TOPS for keeping your skin hydrated

  1. Vitamin Sea Serum ($66.99) is a super serum that helps increase sun protection and delivers an instant antioxidant boost. After cleansing, softly circle one pump of serum around the face and neck. This fabulously hydrating serum contains Vitamins C and E as well as seven different types of seaweed, and green tea extract that plump up dry, dehydrated, moisture deprived skin.  It also contains Hyaluronic Acid, and the three main Osea sourced organic Patagonia seaweeds: Undaria, Gigartina and Macrocystis.
  2. Undaria Argan Oil ($30.99) is an anti-aging blend of pure Morroccan Argan oil and Undaria algae that is gentle for all skin types. Undaria Algae inhibits the activity of hyaluronidase, an enzyme that breaks down the hyaluronic acid in our skin, causing it to appear and feel dry among other things. Argan Oil contains high levels of polyphenols which are know to combat UVB induced wrinkles and general effects of aging. This combination is super hydrating and creates a protective barrier on the skin.  This is applied under moisturizer and is great for face, hands, eyes AND LIPS...very soothing on dried lips.
  3. Advanced Protection Cream ($96.99) is an exteremely rich antioxidant moisturizer generally for dry, sensitive and aging skin; however in the winter months of Denver the Advanced Protection Cream is nearly good for everyone suffering from dry skin. This super cream is a blend of naturally derived amino acids, vitamins, botanical oils, trace elements and sea mineral which hydrate and nourish dry, depleted skin. DPHP, the second ingredient, helps even out hyperpigmentation, fine lines and stimulates collagen production.  Now if that isn't a super product, I don't know what is!


There are so many other great products in the Osea line designed to really nourish and hydrate the skin.  It's very difficult to select just a few for everyone.  So if you want more information...Feel free to comment below, and I can write more. Or send an email to me at and I am more than happy to respond to your individual questions any time.  Eyes and Lips, also great...Sea Mineral and Sea Vitamin Boost sprays (like drinking water throughout the day, these can be sprayed onto the skin to rehydrate), Anti Aging Body Balm for the whole body...luscious and so incredibly hydrating.  Looking forward to seeing all of you soon for your next visit at YAO Beauty.  Stay tuned for our official launch of YAO's Beauty Rejuvenation Program that captures both this fabulous deep exfoliation treatment with Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture where Michelle Luiz, LAc and I will be working together!

by Cathy Castor