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Today more than ever before, people are always looking for ways to help them cope with different ailments and conditions. For centuries, cupping has been a traditional way to help people treat their illnesses in a safe, non-invasive way. As you will see through this article, cupping represents an additional tool for patients and therapists looking to improve their overall wellbeing.

Give yourself a chance to explore the many benefits cupping massage can bring into your life. To learn more about our cupping massage services and how we can help you, call Yao Chinese Medical Hospital & Clinic today at 720-572-1213.

What is a Cupping Massage?

Cupping massage or cupping therapy is an ancient, traditional form of alternative medicine. The beginnings of this practice can be traced back as early as the 3000 B.C. During this type of procedure, a therapist places specially designed cups on the skin, creating suction. These cups can be made out of many different kinds of materials including silicone, glass, and bamboo.

There are two main types of cupping: wet and dry. Regardless of the kind of cupping technique you go for, your therapist will need to use common elements to create the effects used in cupping. For instance, your therapist will typically use a flammable substance – usually not meant to burn the skin – which will be set on fire. When the fire is about to go out, your therapist will place a cup on it. As the flame uses up the oxygen and the air inside the cup begins to cool, a vacuum effect is created that pulls the skin upwards. As the surface of the skin rises, it expands inside the cup and displays a red color as the blood vessels on the treated area expand.

In wet cupping, the process follows a very different approach. Your therapist will begin the process of wet cupping by setting the area on fire just as with dry cupping. However, the suction in this second alternative is milder compared to its dry counterpart. After a couple of minutes, your therapist will take out the cup and make light, small, non-invasive cuts to the skin in preparation for the next phase. During the second phase in wet cupping, the therapist will put the cup back on to create a second suction in the area. This is done to draw blood from the area where the cupping is being performed.

It is important to highlight that both the use of fire and the use of the scalpel to make little nips on the skin are not meant to harm the patient in any way. This technique has been around for millennia and the methods employed have proven to have significant benefits.

What Are the Benefits of Cupping?

Cupping has been used in Chinese culture for many centuries, and now this technique is common in western civilization. There are countless benefits to this type of alternative medicine. Some of the most common benefits of cupping include:

  • Improved blood flow
  • Better circulation
  • Liberation of toxins
  • Skin improvement (acne, eczema)
  • Improved anxiety symptoms

While these represent only a few of the benefits cupping can provide, it can give you a general idea of how useful and beneficial it can be for many people with different ailments. Studies seem to support the idea of incorporating cupping as an alternative to traditional medicine for treating several illnesses. According to a study published in 2015 by the Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine, cupping is a complex therapy that has been part of traditional Chinese medicine, and it is capable of help treating various diseases such as herpes zoster, acne, and chronic pain.

While the study recognizes there is a need for additional research, it also acknowledges the benefits of cupping. Still, it is always recommended to consult with your primary care physician (or treating physician) before incorporating cupping as part of your treatment regime.

What Are Cupping’s Side Effects?

Fortunately, there are not many side effects when it comes to cupping therapy. However, this does not mean you don’t have to be cautious and conscious about the possible side effects of this procedure. For instance, common side effects of cupping which can happen either during or after a therapy session include redness of the skin, bruising, dizziness, and nausea.

Extra care is needed when performing wet cupping since it usually involves cutting the skin. For instance, if your therapist does not follow the proper steps to clean the treated area, you may develop an infection. It is always recommended to be treated by a professional therapist who understands how the complete process works.

Chinese Cupping Massage Spa Serving Denver, Colorado

There are many benefits associated with cupping. This ancient, yet effective alternative method to traditional medicine is accessible to everyone. At Yao Chinese Medical Hospital & Clinic, our cupping massage therapists can guide you through the process and help you have a great experience during and after your treatment. To set up an appointment, call our offices today at 720-572-1213.

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