Welcome to one of the wonderful and truly deeply therapeutic branches of Chinese Medicine – Acupuncture  – at YAO Chinese Medical Hospital & Clinic!

Once upon a time, there was an incredibly large country now called China.  Within the vast country of China there was a wonderfully rich and diverse physical and cultural environment that shaped the form of medicine practiced now referred to as Chinese Medicine. Within Chinese Medicine there are many branches of treatment that make the whole of the practice. The two most largely understood branches in the United States are Acupuncture and Chinese Internal Herbal Medicine.  In China – the northern portion did not have near the vegetation as the southern portion did overall.  Hence, Acupuncture was a reknowned practice from the north whereas herbal medicine developed in the south. Acupuncture is one technology used quite effectively for a large array of challenges.  It is most renknowned within the United States for abating pain.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)-

Ancient Acupuncture techniques and systems were simplified when the studies for Traditional Chinese Medicine were created post Chinese Cultural revolution. The government had at first spurned the ancient systems of Chinese Medicine and only allowed western medicine to be utilized; however, as we well know, a national health care system (especially for the very large population in China) based on western medicine was too expensive to manage.  It was mandated that a new system based on the ancient Chinese classical practices of medicine be created…and there you have Traditional Chinese Medicine.

As it relates to Acupuncture, the TCM practices are designed to work effectively with frequent treatment for shorter duration.  There are other methodologies that dive deeper into the practice of Acupuncture that show a deeper more therapeutic treatment can be applied on a patient for a longer duration with often deeper needles. At YAO we have both options.

Flash Clinic VS Standard Visit – Acupuncture Treatment

In the United States the practice of acupuncture must also take into consideration the means of payment of the patron. At YAO we do not bill insurance.  We have various reasons for that and will be happy to explain this should you give us a call or in a future link.  With this being the mode of payment, we recognize that we have several different levels for patrons budgets and we have done our best to accommodate the most restricting of wallets.

FLASH Visits are $60 for a 45 minute treatment –

One can expect to have a very fast evaluation with a quick application of needles.  Those with pain will be suited well to a Flash visit.

Standard Physician Visit – Acupuncture Treatment – 75 – 90 minutes – $140

These visits are integrated with our full Chinese Internal Herbal medicine practice. Here patients are evaluated by multiple modalities of diagnostics. Acupucnture is applied and then adjusted at several intervals resulting in what is often equal to about 2-3 treatments all in one. Herbs may or may not be recommended at the discretion of the doctor and agreement of the patient. Custom herbal formulations or recommendations of patent herbs/tea pills would be an additional fee.

The importance of Branch Integration- Classical Chinese Medicine

Though Acupuncture can be the absolute perfect form of treatment, there are occassions when the Chinese medical diagnosis can be more effectively treated by integrating other branches of Chinese Medicine.  The other most notable branch used at YAO Chinese Medical Hospital & Clinic is Chinese Internal Herbal Medicine (Chinese Herbal Botanicals).

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