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YAO Beauty is truly based around the philosophy of Radiance for Regular People.  Radiance is defined as “light or heat emitted by something”. There is a lightness within and without each individual just like there is a light or heat within precious gems.  But if a precious gem is trapped like a diamond in the rough, then it will forever be a diamond in the rough.  Now maybe this isn’t so bad for an actual rock, but in the human condition, our outlook on how we see ourselves plays a tremendous part in our overall mental-emotional health.  So the radiance emitted by an individual is truly important in their overall health. Radiating is important!
Radiating is not only important on a mental and emotional level of our health, our skin is constantly bombarded with the hazards of daily living.  Our skin is our largest organ and creates a protective barrier that gets hammered by the elements.  Especially the dry weather here in Colorado.  Of course, we have wonderful services to recommend as far as re-establishing that skin barrier’s microbiome balance which can be done with regular exfoliation and nourishing products.



In keeping with the Chinese Medical protocol of bringing things into balance, we have brought in a line of oceanic based products to this dry mountain region.  Osea’s products are formulated with organic sea algae harvested from the clean waters of Patagonia.  These incredibly hydrating algae are in all of their products and are vibrant with moisture.
  • Cleansers
  • Toners/minerals
  • Hydrators
  • Serums
  • Masks

YAO Brand

Additionally, we have specially formulated several YAO brand products to fill in where we feel Osea leaves off. We have a wonderful set called the Palace Treasure Trio: Ultimate A, Ultimate C and Ultimate Peptides, our Royal Honey Lifting Serum, Charcoal scrub, Brilliance Polish, YAO Oil.

Apex Topical

Oxi-Cell KR22 – This is a fabulous product for a quick pick me up on the skin say…after a long day at the office. It has wonderful energetic qualities that boost the skin and perk it up quickly while being encased in a fabulous moisturizer.

Internal Beauty Supplements

We also carry several products that are fabulous for your skin’s health:
  • Vital Proteins Marine Collage – Assist in wrinkle diminishment
  • Panaxea’s Mongolian Sea Buckthorn Oil –
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