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Formulated Herbal Tinctures in Denver

Anyone interested in getting the benefits of Chinese herbal medicine in a quick and easy way may be interested in using herbal tinctures. Tinctures, which are made by extracting the properties of an herb into a liquid, can be used to deliver the benefits of herbs to the body in an effective and convenient form. They can be added to liquids such as a glass of water or a cup of tea or dropped onto your tongue. They’re used to help alleviate the symptoms of common ailments including inflammation and headaches, or simply to promote energy and vitality.

Yao Pure Medicine offers an array of tinctures and other Chinese herbal medicine supplements in their extensive and well-stocked pharmacy. Staff members are available to answer any of your questions and to guide you through the process of selecting, buying, and beginning to use herbal tinctures. If you’d like to learn more about the way that Yao Pure Medicine can help you find the tinctures that will be most beneficial for you, you can call us at (303) 777-7891.

What are Tinctures?

A tincture is simply a concentrated herb in liquid form. It is made by leaving an herb in a liquid for an extended period of time, and then straining it before use. The liquid the herbs are dissolved in is usually alcohol, but they can also be dissolved in vegetable glycerin or vinegar (apple cider vinegar is the most commonly used).

While leaving an herb to soak in water can extract some of the properties of the herb, water can’t extract all of the compounds in the plant, which is why alcohol and other agents are used. The alcohol dissolves the plant, and then preserves it. All parts of the plant—seeds, roots, stems, flowers, or leaves—can be used. When the plant has spent enough time in the concentrating liquid, it is then usually moved into a small vial with a dropper that is used to add it to beverages.

Concentrating an herb in liquid form allows a small amount of tincture to have a significant and easily administered effect on health and wellness. Tinctures are commonly taken by being added, by the drop, to water, sparkling water, or tea, though they can also be taken by being dropped directly onto the tongue. It’s common for people who are concerned about consuming the alcohol in the tincture, such as children or pregnant women, to add the tincture to a cup of tea since the hot water will burn off the alcohol content.

Tinctures are used all over the world because of their potency and convenience. Tinctures, since they are so highly concentrated, do the same amount of work that a much larger amount of tea or capsules or raw herb can do with just a few drops. And since they are usually made with alcohol or vinegar, which don’t expire, they can last for years without their effects being diminished.

What are the Benefits of Using Tinctures?

The benefits of using herbal tinctures are applicable to many functions of the body. One of the most widely known benefits of using tinctures in their ability to boost and support the immune system. They are also widely regarded for their ability to assist with a good night’s sleep and to help alleviate insomnia.

Women dealing with PMS, dysmenorrhea, menopause, and other hormonal and reproductive issues use tinctures for relief from symptoms and discomfort. Other uses for tinctures include addressing headaches, muscle soreness, inflammation, hangovers, skin conditions, or simply to provide a boost of energy. Most importantly, they are an excellent tonic for dealing with stress, which is known to be the root of a multitude of other ailments.

What is the Best Tincture for You and Your Health?

The best tincture for you depends on your health and the needs of your body. Since each individual drop of a tincture is incredibly potent, people who are new to using them are advised to use extreme care when administering drops. When using tinctures, be aware that it can have some problematic interactions with certain medications (especially anti-diabetic medications, anti-seizure drugs, and immunosuppressants) and that there is a risk of allergic reactions.

Start with a small dose and remember that tinctures and other herbal supplements are meant to be incorporated into a health regimen, not to be used as a cure. Talk to your physician and herbalist before adding any new tincture to your diet, especially if you are currently pregnant.

Chinese Herbal Tincture Marketplace Serving Denver, Colorado

At Yao Pure Medicine, we’re excited to offer tinctures made from Chinese herbal medicines to our customers. As one of the largest Chinese herbal pharmacies in the Western part of the U.S., we’re proud of our ability to provide helpful products that can be easily used in our customers’ everyday lives. Come into our pharmacy to talk to our knowledgeable staff or have some tinctures recommended to you as part of an initial physician’s appointment. Call us at (720) 572-1213 or visit our website for more information about all of the products and services that Yao Pure Medicine can provide.

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