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Personal Care

How do you care for you?  Personal care…It’s pretty intimate on many levels and can encompass things about your health and wellbeing that you don’t necessarily want the rest of the world to know, right?

Just as our Beauty Department at YAO focuses on the feeling that you emit when you are having a look at yourself in the mirror and how important that feeling about who you are plays into your overall health, YAO’s personal care items follow in the same vein. We want you feeling good about yourself from head to toe. If you are experiencing hair loss, bad breath, persistent & embarrassing skin rashes or even vaginal odor issue, we want to know AND we have products that can assist.

If your very personal issues do not seem to fit into what is described below, please be sure to call and ask our staff and we can serve you more efficiently and direct you accordingly.

Please note that besides our wonderful line of products, our physicians and team of practitioners are here to assist with other services, advice, and herbs and supplements that will get you on the road to your NORMAL.

Herbal Shampoos

YAO features the line of Deity Shampoos & Conditioners – so chock full of herbs you can see and smell them when it spills into the palm of your hand:

  • Plant Shampoo for Hair Loss
  • Dandruff & Anti-Itch Plant Shampoos
  • Plant Conditioner for Hair Loss
  • Revitalizing Essence Moisturizing Lotion

Skin & Vaginal Imbalance Products

Yin-care™ is comprised of an ancient Taoist formula that is used for a variety of Chinese Medical diagnostic conditions such as damp, damp-heat, toxic-heat (NOTE: Toxic heat refers to a Chinese Medical diagnostic description) and wind* type gynecological complaints.

Yin-care™ promotes well being and ease with every wash to bring a cooling and calming sensation to the most delicate ecosystems of your body. From vaginal discomfort & challenges to skin rash & irritation on the body, Yin-care™’s multi-functional formula provides you with the ability to clear your mind of challenging, distracting, and embarrassing conditions and allow your body to heal.

Oral Care

Yin-care™ Supreme Oral Care has the exact formula from Yin-care™ with the addition of glycerin to improve gum adhesion and mint for improved taste. It is also pre-diluted to 10% strength which is the perfect oral care formulation. Using Chinese Medical Diagnostic criteria, it is used to transform dampness, clear heat, damp-heat, and toxic-heat (NOTE: Toxic heat refers to a Chinese Medical diagnostic description), purge fire, cool blood, reduce inflammation, detoxify lesions. Supreme Oral Care is also used for various conditions such as general inflammations and infections, bacterial infections, gingivitis, mouth sores and ulcers, thrush, bad breath, before/after dental visits and procedures, and daily oral hygiene.

Hours & Locations

Phone: 307-205-6704

Lander, Wyoming
795 Garfield Avenue
Lander, WY 82520

Hours: M-F 10-6
Starting mid-Jan. 2022

YAO Annex Denver
1705 South Pearl Street, Suite 2A
Denver, CO 80210

Hours: Variable monthly

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