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People who are seeking alternative solutions to traditional Western, pharmaceutical-based medicine are encouraged to try the herbal remedies offered by the Yao Chinese Medical Hospital and Clinic. The Yao Chinese Medical Hospital and Clinic has a variety of herbal formulas that come in various forms such as tinctures, essential oils, topical creams, and patent herbs that can alleviate symptoms and assist with the healing process of most common ailments and conditions. Patent medicines, specifically, offer the healing benefits of herbal medicines in a convenient and affordable way.

The Yao Chinese Medical Hospital and Clinic has an array of patent herbs and patent medicines available. Staff at the YAO Clinic are prepared and eager to answer questions and to assist customers and patients in selecting and becoming informed about herbs that can benefit them and their overall health.

How to Use Patent Herbs for a Healthier Life

Patent herbs are used in Chinese patent medicine, which is a form of medicine based around herbs that have been condensed into pills or tablets. They are usually very small, which makes them easy to conveniently transport and consume on a daily basis. They are usually black or brown in color.

The most common type of Chinese patent medicine is teapills, which provide the health benefits of tea in a concentrated pill. A recommended dosage is 8 pills, taken 3 times per day, with meals. They are frequently regarded as the most cost-effective method of consuming Chinese herbs, and since they are shelf-stable and easily transported, they are known for convenience and conduciveness to an on-the-go lifestyle. They are also very easy to swallow and can even be dissolved in a cup of warm water to make tea, making them ideal for children, the elderly, and those that have trouble swallowing or taking pills.

Teapills are made by extracting herbs in water or a water-alcohol decoction at a low temperature and is then mixed with raw herb powder to create an herbal dough, which is then divided into individual pieces by a machine. They are known as patent medicines not because they are protected by exclusive rights but because they are made from a standardized formula.

Benefits of Patent Herbs

Chinese patent herbs are able to provide a multitude of health benefits. Chinese patent herbs are especially suited for treating kidney and liver deficiencies and can balance and moderate energy within the body.

Other ways that Chinese patent herbs can benefit human health is by boosting energy levels, supporting immune function, being conducive to deep and restful sleep and fighting insomnia, alleviating ear infections, reducing the risk of heart disease, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, and ameliorating psoriasis, respiratory infections, headaches, colds, hangovers, and muscle soreness. They can also help relieve pain associated with PMS, menopause, and other hormonal and reproductive issues.

The Side Effects of Patent Herbs

While the benefits of using Chinese herbs abound, they should be used with care and discretion since there are certain side effects that users may experience. Note that Chinese patent medicine may have a negative interaction with medications you are taking, especially anti-diabetic medications, anti-seizure medications, and immunosuppressants. Also, people who are new to Chinese patent medicine should also be aware of the risk of allergic reactions to certain herbs.

Those who are new to patent herbs should start with a small dose and gradually increase it as your notice how your body reacts. See a physician before beginning to take a new Chinese patent herbal remedy, especially if you are expecting a baby.

Find Patent Herbs at the YAO Clinic’s Comprehensive Pharmacy

As one of the largest Chinese herbal medicine pharmacies in the Western part of the United States, the Yao Chinese Medical Hospital and Clinic has an extensive array of Chinese medicines, including patent herbal formulas. Our pharmacy has options that can help with the symptoms of many conditions and ailments and assist with overall health, or even just boost energy and vitality. Customers and patients are welcome to come into our pharmacy to talk to our knowledgeable and committed staff. We also welcome Chinese medicine practitioners to build a relationship with us so that their patients can have their prescriptions filled at our pharmacy.

Denver Patent Herbal Formulation and Patent Herb Marketplace

For Chinese herbal medicine formulations and help with selecting the ones that are best for your health, come to the Yao Chinese Medical Hospital and Clinic to talk with a member of our experienced staff who can help you incorporate an appropriate Chinese patent herbal formulation into your everyday life. We can even recommend certain herbal remedies during an initial physician’s appointment. If you would like to learn more about how the Chinese herbal medicines at the Yao Chinese Medical Hospital and Clinic can help you become healthier, call us at (720) 572-1213 or read more on our website.


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