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Give the gift of YAO's Initial Physician Visit to a loved one!

Give the gift of YAO's Initial Physician Visit to a loved one!

YAO clinic has been in business since 1997 and continues to bring to its patients new and creative ways of practicing traditional Chinese Medicine backed with western internal medical analyses allowing for truth in diagnosis and purity in treatment.

We know you’ve been to countless professionals looking for answers, yet no one seems to really understand what’s going on.  YAO Practitioners are consistently the ones who see patients who are at their wits’ end.  YAO Medicine is the last stop you will make along your journey to true health. 

Our doctors manage flux in your human embodiment using herbal pharmacology, acupuncture, functional medicine, homeopathy, naturopathy, Chinese astrology and feng shui.  Additionally, our doctors are well studied in reading western medical blood chemistry and fuse the the information of blood chemistry analysis with their Chinese Medical background. Due to our breadth of study and experience, our practitioners are quickly able to not only know and see what is imbalanced, but to also understand and hear what will realistically work with each person.  YAO truly offers the very best in personalized medicine.