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Cuts, bruises, sore muscles, broken bones…The little bang ups and hang ups that you experience in your everyday life may leave you needing a topical to apply to assist in healing. Our high quality line of topicals have something for everyone and for nearly every occasion.


There are times when the method of application of a topical medicinal will take more time than simply applying it to the skin as a one-off. The medicine needs to sit on the skin for an extended period. This can often time be done as a compress; however, we have a very functional and user-friendly application in the form of patches.  The beauty of patches is that Chinese herbs and Asian botanicals are adhered together by a medium that allows for sustained compress by simply sticking to the skin. You can cut the patch into the shape of the area to which you are wishing to apply and voila the medicine can now change the outcome simply by staying in contact for longer.

We have some super hot chili capsicum patches, some medium heat and some lovely cooling ones as well. Come in and take a look.

Analgesic Rubs & Roll-Ons

Analgesic rubs are often used to soothe sore bruised or mistreated/over-used muscles. These rubs and roll-ons consist of a combination of active botanicals used for pain relief for areas that are not as severe in needing a compress and are generally used for more acute conditions to palliate pain. When using analgesics it’s important to be careful of it getting on your hands.  You will need to wash your hands thoroughly and keep your hands away from your eyes and any other sensitive areas on your body.

We feature a local CBD and Chinese Herb botanical roll-on called Outch Ointment which we love not only because it is effective, but it also is in a roll-on form and therefore can be applied without the hands touching it.  We also love and sell another local product called Ecolyptus. Ecolyptus is wonderful fo any sore muscles or tender areas needing a little TLC.

Skin Generating Topicals

When one has broken the skin, has old scarring, even wrinkles…there are several skin regenerating topicals that we sell at YAO.

Tieh ta yao gin – Tieh ta yao gin contains skin reviving resins in liniment form usually used as a compress. This is not recommended for open wounds unless recommended by a practitioner.  Its alcohol base extraction can be quite strong on an open wound.

YAO Oil – YAO Oil is a frankincense oil based extraction, harnessing wonderful skin healing properties and extracted into a sesame oil.  Used for open wounds, scars, and decreasing fine lines and wrinkles. YAO Oil is something that we recommend everyone have in their first aid kit.  It’s a fabulous oil to apply to everything from a small paper cut to larger cuts our scrapes and even bigger gashes. We’ve had many patients use this product to decrease their scars with tremendous success and an esthetician in town used to purchase YAO Oil from us and use it as one of her secret ingredients in her facials for decreasing wrinkles and fine lines!


Zhen Gu Shui – Zhen Gu Shui is a formula created and used for bone growth.  It can also be used for any severe bruising especially bone bruising.  Linaments can be applied topically by rubbing onto the area and then left, or they can be applied as a compress depending on the severity, level of penetration required etc.  Dit da jiao is another very similar formulation of ligament used in similar fashion.

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