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MRT Test Sale NOW at YAO – $212.50

Hello beautiful YAO family!  We are wishing that this post reaches you “safely” without its mask or gloves on!  We have some great things to offer in the coming months to assist in empowering you to take charge of your health and wellness.  Tools to reclaim your life and to establish a new normal which creates stability.

MRT Test

One of the greatest tools we have to offer here at YAO is the MRT lab test by Oxford biomedical.  The MRT Test assists in determining what foods you might be eating or are exposed to that may be causing the subtlest of inflammatory responses.  It is exactly for times like this that we all need our immune systems to be in tip top shape.  If we are going to do battle – we must be prepared!

Stabilizing the immune system

Once you have the MRT test results, Dr. Daniel goes over them with you in an hour long (plus – you know Dr. D) appointment so that you can understand how to begin to eat in a way that resets your system.  This process is an investment of time.  You really need to be both willing to accept that this will take 6 months to a year  and to be diligent with your choices about what you eat.

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Creating the New YOU

What we can guarantee is that when you come out the other side, you will be a whole new person. Every bite, every sip… creates the building blocks of you who you will become.  It creates the container for holding yourself strong in the face of adversity.

Sales on MRT Test

We are excited to offer MRT Tests (in limited quantity) for our sale cost (no additional surcharges) – $212.50!  The way the MRT works at YAO is that you need to purchase the lab kit from YAO (CALL ASAP – limited supply), go to ANY LAB TEST NOW with your lab kit  Check HERE for locations. They will draw your blood for the test and send it in.  The blood has to be drawn after 12 noon and sent that same day and for this price you HAVE to have the lab sent in no later than Wednesday, May 13th  2020.  if the lab is received after this time, the price to process will increase and we will have to charge you the difference which will go up to the normal fee of $425 – that would mean it would go up an entire other test amount of $212.50!

If we have run out of the tests prior to your receiving one, we will do our very best to extend a good offer to you (we are waiting to hear back from the labs to see if it can be extended in any way). You will have to call the office to find out the details on that. 303-777-7891.

Dr. Daniel’s Protocol

Once Oxford Biomedical (the maker’s of the MRT Test) receives your blood work, it takes about 10-14 days and then YAO will receive your results.  When we receive your results, we will phone you and will assist you in booking your MRT Test follow up appointment with Dr. Daniel so that he may review the results with you.  There are no exceptions!  Lab results are ONLY given in these appointments. This is our standard of practice at YAO.

Take Your Life Back NOW – Start with the MRT Test!

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