We are excited to introduce our new line of YAO teas in the YAO Tea Market located at our clinic.  YAO’s passion for tea and the growing need of our patient population that is choosing to remove regular coffee drinking from their diet inspired us to create YAO Tea Market. YAO has traveled the world seeking the finest teas from Japan, China, Taiwan, Sri Lanka and India.   Come in and we are more than happy to brew you up a cup to taste on the spot.  We take pleasure in educating our patients and other customers on how to discover a quality tea and how to brew a beautiful cup that respects the incredible intricacies of each of our fine teas.  We know how important it is to have a hot beverage to enjoy and share with others.  A way to partake in this beautiful ritual with your own community. So we don’t want you feeling left out when coffee walks out your door. Stay tuned for Saturday morning tea tastings.

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