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Get Your Glow On: YAO Beauty Snappy Skin Rituals That Work – December Tip #1

Mindful Goes Gorgeous at YAO

Busy AND Beautiful! We’ve got your holiday glow covered. And not covered in products or services…but in ways to approach your skin at home that will really get that glow on! Over the next 3 weeks, we are going to take you through some of our Snappy Skin Rituals that WORK to keep you looking and feeling amazing even if you can’t make it into YAO.

Snappy would translate to QUICK and Skin Rituals…we like to think of those as the mindfully infused routine of caring for your skin. YEP…we’ve got some great ones that are going to take you into the new year AS the new you! And you can do them from home!

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THIS WEEK – Exfoliate Gently!

Over-exfoliating with scrubs or acids depletes your precious lipids, especially in this dry climate. When skin is flaky, we tend to want to exfoliate to relieve the situation, this can cause more harm than good. There are really 2 different types of exfoliation: Physical and “chemical” – which can be a botanical formulation…let me describe.

Physical can be a manual scrub or say a Dermaplane service (link to article). We recommend that a good home physical exfoliation be done one to two times a week with a gentle scrub (such as the YAO Charcoal Scrub or YAO Brilliance Polish) or those made with ingredients such as almond meal or jojoba beads which will slough off dead skin cells leaving your skin looking brighter and fresher. The organic charcoal and bergamot orange essential oil in YAO Charcoal Scrub purify and reduce inflammation. Very helpful for combating acne and ideal for all skin types. YAO Brilliance Polish is formulated with finely ground volcanic pumice to buff away dead skin cells, acai and guarana extracts tone and purify pores, hemp oil balances moisture levels and organic seaweed provides deep hydration, an excellent choice for dry skin on face and body!

Chemical/Botanical Exfoliation is one that is a surface application of a product that basically dissolves the dead skin cells on contact. This can of course be done with a peel, but can also be done more gently at home with enzymes.  YAO has a wonderful Cherry Enzyme Mask that works wonderfully and smells divine.  Other types are Alpha-Hydroxy acids, beta-hydroxy acids and enzymes also give your skin a glow by dissolving the proteins that hold dead skin cells together. These at home enzyme treatments can be done at most once as week when combined with a  physical exfoliant that you use as suggested above 1 – 2 times a week.

Choosing which kind/Both OR How Often – Which method you choose, mechanical or chemical depends on a variety of factors, your skin type, personal preference, what condition your skin is in, and the time of year are all important considerations. What may work in the Fall and Winter may not be wise in Spring and Summer.  In general…use a physical exfoliant 1-2 times a week and a chemical/botanical exfoliant only one time a week.

And remember…


Remember – Mindful Goes Gorgeous…mindfully DON’T select to strip, strip, strip away your beautiful goodness. Your skin has multiple barriers for very good reasons…so easy does it. Mindfully GENTLY exfoliate!

Professional Opinion Needed? – Not sure what is right for you? Not sure if your home products are acceptable? You can always book a FREE 15 minute consult with me, Abigail Martin YAO Beauty’s Licensed Esthetician.  I am more than happy for you to come in and show your lovely face. Feel free to bring in a list of your home products and I can also make some recommendations on those as well. We always recommend using what you’ve got at home already before diving into purchasing new UNLESS your products are harming your skin in any way. So let’s chat…


My TOP exfoliating services, you ask?

  • Dermaplane – is my favorite service that can be done as a 60 minute treatment (link)
  • Champagne and Chocolate OR Raspberry (enzyme treatment depends on skin type) – This is an incredible enzyme mask coupled with Circadia’s Oxygen RX treatment is AWESOME and has long lasting effects
  • Want them both…DO IT! If it’s too much exfoliation…don’t worry…I’ll be the first to steer ya clear!

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