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Using Baby Foot for Controlling Cracking and Dry Feet

babyfootsugarskull - Using Baby Foot for Controlling Cracking and Dry Feet

Requiem for a callous…

Halloween is just around the corner, we love the spooky fun this time of year! You know what is really scary though? Crusty, calloused, painfully dry and cracked feet! These symptoms can certainly be indicative of a more serious health issue, but the majority of the time those poor feet just need a little love. Think about it, what part of you works the hardest and gets the least amount of attention? I’m willing to bet it’s your feet!

Yeah, the old stompers do get pretty short shrift as far as self-care goes.

I know that’s right! After summer sandals are put away for the season, who really pays their feet’s appearance much attention? Poor toes get stuffed into tight, confining shoes and boots and the pressure and friction from standing and walking cause them to add layers of protection. All those layers build up, forming unsightly crust and callouses. You may have tried to shave this dead skin off with a file or a razor, but there is an easier and more effective way to achieve soft, smooth feet.

Tell me all about it!

Dear reader, you know I want the best for you always. I want to tell you all about the natural dead-skin-sloughing powers of Baby Foot! Harnessing the beauty of nature’s botanicals, this amazing system peels away layers of dead skin leaving your feet as soft as they were when they were more of a chew toy than a mode of transportation.


Magic! Well, that is if you believe that plants are magic, which you just might when you witness the healing action of the highly moisturizing and astringent extracts in these easy to slip into booties. Each package has a bootie for each foot, working its magic with extracts of orange, grapefruit, lemon, chamomile, clematis, chameleon, sage, soapwort, meadowsweet, seaweed (so good!), ivy, tea plant, watercress, burdock root, camel grass, and last but certainly not least, horsetail herb. Can you imagine spending a day gathering all those ingredients, extracting their essences in the right proportions, making that into a gel substance that will penetrate tough skin without damaging it, and THEN spending an hour letting the botanicals work? Well my friends, you don’t have to do all that! Just come in to YAO Marketplace and pick up a box of Baby Foot! It’s a great excuse to take an hour off and put your feet up. You can put socks over the booties and continue running that rat race if need be, but why not take it easy? Can be done over an evening of Netflix and Chill!

Have you done it?

I have indeed! Ask anyone around here, we’ve all tried it out – even Daniel! The amount of dead skin that came off my feet was wild, I experienced some itchiness during the approximately five days my feet were heavily sloughing, but soaking in warm water helped. Hope suggests you use a pair of socks that you wouldn’t mind throwing out during the heaviest shedding time. Come in for a foot polish the week after you use Baby Foot and we’ll help you shed any little leftover peeling.


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