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Fall Foods + Ingredients That Are Good for Your Health and Beautiful Inside and Out!

Inside of us, there’s a continual autumn. Our leaves fall and are blown out over the water. – Rumi

Ahhhhhh Autumn…the coolness settling in means another quilt on the bed and cozy sweaters. A long walk is a feast for the senses – a rainbow of leaves, their crackle under your feet and the dry, earthy – crisp scent released when you kick them up. Stews and soups are back on the menu, and a richly spiced curry. One of the key curry spices, turmeric, evokes autumn with its beautiful rich golden-orange. In fact turmeric’s first use was as a dye, imbuing Buddhist monk’s robes with their striking hues.

bioactive curcumin – harmonious fall ingredient

A staple of Ayurveda, used for centuries throughout Asia, turmeric has a particular affinity for the blood as stated in the text Ayurvedic Medicine: The Principles of Traditional Practice. Thereby carrying its powerful health benefits through the body to do all sorts of wonderful things! Powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties from curcumin, one of the main bio-active ingredients of turmeric, contribute to overall skin health as well. External application is used to treat a variety of skin conditions, from acne to leprosy (even used by some to treat skin cancers). It has components that stimulate the body’s natural detoxification process.

mess free – elegant application of curcumin – Osea’s Vitamin Sea Serum

A mask of honey and turmeric in a yogurt base is used to give the skin a natural glow. Sounds a bit messy right? Not to worry, you can get it in a more cosmetically elegant form in this week’s featured product…

OSEA’s Vitamin Sea Serum

Vitamin Sea Serum is a potent anti-aging moisture booster. Formulated with Vitamins C and E, the amazing anti-oxidants that work synergistically to banish wrinkles and fine lines. OSEA utilizes turmeric as a natural brightener that has the added benefit of calming the skin. Some more sensitive skin types find the activity of Vitamin C topicals difficult to tolerate and the turmeric’s anti-inflammatory nature solves that issue. Ferulic acid improves the effectiveness of the Vitamin C and works to prevent UV damage. Hyaluronic acid assists your skin in retaining moisture to plump the skin and reduce flakiness. A single pump of this concentrated serum layered under your moisturizer is all you need to fight aging and bring out your natural glow.

synergistic product and service – Vitamin Sea Serum & Dermaplaning

YAO Beauty’s new dermaplaning service is a perfect way to prepare your skin to receive the benefits of this fabulous fluid. Exfoliating those dead skin cell and vellus hair allows for full absorption of Vitamin Sea Serum and all of the other luxurious every day natural skin care products we carry in the YAO Marketplace.

yao beauty is changing our perception of skin care as luxury…we embrace radiance for regular people

We believe that beautiful skin starts not only with great products, but also with those that won’t break your pocketbook. As you know, YAO truly believes that your overall health is greatly affected by your emotional financial state and we absolutely don’t want you digging too deep. We really want to make good everyday skin care affordable to you (Radiance For Regular People). And we believe we can do that one product at a time. You don’t need to buy a whole new line of products, but we’ll always let you know if something you are using is causing your skin or health harm.

15% off NOW on vitamin sea serum now through October 31st!

We are going to be working hard to bring you super deals to make your home skin care more effective long term. We want you to have these products because they work! So come down to YAO and receive 15% off the 18ml bottle, a 2-3 month supply for gorgeous, healthy skin from now through October 31st!

fallColorsSerum 200x300 - Fall Foods + Ingredients That Are Good for Your Health and Beautiful Inside and Out!

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