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Fabulously Fun Gift Ideas from Yao Chinese Market

Alright… we have attempted to be both helpful and entertaining.  Let’s see if we were able to accomplish either!  We had to special feature Daniel’s Fave’s and all our other employee fave’s can be found here. 

Included below are some grouped items that we thought cater’s to some of the challenges that many of our patients have as well as some fun gifty items.

The Mountaineer

fabulouslyFun1 265x300 - Fabulously Fun Gift Ideas from Yao Chinese Market

For the skier/outdoorsman in your family.  This includes the ever amazing Altigen – fabulous for preventing altitude sickness and facilitating the increase in available oxygen in the body. YAO Oil – great for healing any cuts or wounds while hustling around outside. Enduro Bar – Fabulous energy snack with a caffeine kick to boot.  Chocolate Fig Espresso flavor – TASTY! Nick’s Sticks – Grass Fed beef and turkey sticks.  A wonderful snack and energy boost when out and on the go. Golden Sunshine Pain Patches – Hurt yourself? These are wonderful both in the moment of injury and after it’s happened, hours later.  You can cut the patches to the size of the injury.  Relief comes immediately.  Zhengu Shui. Another wonderful pain topical.  Spray the area.  No messing with sticky liquids that spill unnecessarily and are wasted. This little compact bottle of Zhengu Shui sprays the area and stays put. Yunnan Baio – Big injury? Cuts and more? Head trauma even?  The yellow pills in Yunnan Baio can be broken open and applied to the possible infected skin cut area.  Warning – it might not feel too nice, but it certainly will prevent infection.  Head Trauma – immediately take the red pill lodged in the center of the pack. We love how they put this in the pack as you never know when you may need it. Ching Wan Hung Burn Balm – Wonderful balm for any potential burns while out and about.  We can help you put the entire pack together or mix and match according to your gift recipients personality!


For those just venturing into the realm of Gluten Free, we have coupled together some of our favorite Gluten Free items at YAO.

fabulouslyFun2 300x225 - Fabulously Fun Gift Ideas from Yao Chinese Market

If they haven’t tried Sami’s bread, bagels and chips, then by all means…turn them onto Sami’s. Sami’s is by far the BEST gluten, dairy and egg-free bread product company.  The sourdough is phenomenal! The GFB Bites and Bars – these are very tasty bars and a bag of bite size dough balls.  The balls come in the ever fun flavor of PB&J.  Ask us more about the flavor options, but these are really tasty as well as high in protein content. Simple Squares offer the adult with their very own “bar palate” boasting flavors of “sage”, “rosemary” and “Cinna-clove”.  Yummy! Ah…the good old OCHO bar, which is very similar to what many know the Mounds bar to be; however, the OCHO is all organic and down right delectable! And the Epic Bison Bar. Epic makes very tasty flavors of meat bars that are a wonderful meal substitute when necessary.


Sleep seems to be a challenge for many as of late. This fabulous pack of three gives you some options. 

fabulouslyFun3 300x225 - Fabulously Fun Gift Ideas from Yao Chinese Market

Fulnight – This is our go to at YAO as of late.  Fulnight, though on the pricier side, we find it to be not necessarily great for getting to sleep, but for allowing you to sleep deeply through the night once you are asleep.  We love the fun dreams that come along with  Fulnight as well. Suan Zao Ren Tang and Anshen Buxin Wan are also wonderful remedies.  Come into YAO and talk to one of our staff members to find out which would suit you or your loved one best.

YAO Holiday Stress Buster Pack – 

fabulouslyFun4 225x300 - Fabulously Fun Gift Ideas from Yao Chinese Market

 These are individual items (Seriphos, Tran-Qwill, PS Calm) that are wonderful for over stressed adrenals and the over stimulated mind.  Be sure to talk to a YAO practitioner to make a thoughtful decision on which one suits your situation or your loved one’s situation best.  

Holiday cold and flu pack

Yes, don’t we know it!  You over did it, didn’t you?  And now you have the dreaded Holiday cold and flu.  Here are some items that may get you through to have on hand. 

fabulouslyFun5 225x300 - Fabulously Fun Gift Ideas from Yao Chinese Market

The main things Daniel wants to be sure you know is how to decide between the use of Ganmaoling Tablets and Yinq Qiao.  Ganmaoling is used to prevent catching a cold and Yin Qiao is for cold and flu when you feel you have a sore throat.  The Watermelon Frost Tablets are a very specially prepared watermelon rind tablet that is  a wonderful lozenge for sore throat.  Olbas Lozenges are our new and wonderful line of cold care products.  Pictured here are the lozenges for coughs and sore throats.  Their powerful vapor works quickly and their flavor is very tasty.  We also carry the traditional Golden Throat Lozenges which are also very powerful and helpful for sore throats and coughs. Lastly,  we have the lovely White Flower oil, great for opening up the sinuses and chest/lungs. 


fabulouslyFun6 300x225 - Fabulously Fun Gift Ideas from Yao Chinese Market

Put up your feet, kick back and relax. Soak your feet in this lovely YAO herbal foot soak, followed by rolling your feet on the thermal foot back and body Acuback roller and top it with an overnight Detox Foot Patch that will have you sleeping like a baby! Now that’s a wonderful gift!


fabulouslyFun7 225x300 - Fabulously Fun Gift Ideas from Yao Chinese Market

Spoil your loved one with the many lovely and nourishing bath, body, beauty and spirit items in YAO Market. Our most recent YAO Smudge spray is fabulous. The scent is instantly clearing and can be used for physical spaces as well as for a body smudge. Our staff can help individualize a lovely gift set depending on your giftee, but we have Osea, Dr. Singha’s and Nefeli items to name a few from which to select. 

YAO’s New Mommy Pack

fabulouslyFun8 225x300 - Fabulously Fun Gift Ideas from Yao Chinese Market

Since we see a lot of new Mothers  at YAO and we know there will be a few new Mommies needing Holiday gifts, here’s the pack we recommend These are the items we KNOW a new mother will want to have on hand.  #1 – A membership to YAO’s New Mommy program.  This fabulous program allows for new mothers to receive care at YAO for a fraction of the price. While everyone is attending the baby, YAO will be caring for the Mom!

Included here is a small bottle of Yin-care and an applicator, great for keeping clean the vaginal area post birth. YAO Oil – fabulous for applying to any tears or cuts in the vaginal area post birth, Also great for applying to cracked or sore nipples after nursing. Quiet Nights a wonderful tincture for the fussy baby.  Shi Quan Da Bu Tang to assist in post-birth restful sleep and last but not least the cutest little YAO baby t-shirt!

YAO Gifts for the Spirit

fabulouslyFun9 225x300 - Fabulously Fun Gift Ideas from Yao Chinese Market

All gifts to clear, soothe and invigorate the spirit.  The YAO Peace Buddha is a wonderful little reminder to not take life so seriously.  His jovial nature and peace fingers will bring in a lightness in areas where things may seem too heavy.  Need to burn something strong?  Grab the charcoal SwiftLites and burn some of the YAO Francincense to really do a thorough cleansing. Need a mild scent to clear the air, grab a stick or two of the YAO Palo Santo.  And again, pictured here – the YAO Smudge Spray for body, face and room. Deliciously aromatic and appropriate to cut any ungroovy energy. 


fabulouslyFun10 225x300 - Fabulously Fun Gift Ideas from Yao Chinese Market

The beautiful gift pack of 9 Asian cards, the new YAO tea glasses, a set of Swift Lite and Francicense with a tempered dish to burn it on. The Happiness, Longevity and Prosperity Talisman…and the YAO Certificate for those whom you just can’t find anything else for. 

We are wishful that these photos and break downs give you some good ideas not only during the holidays but throughout the year. 

All our best – TEAM YAO

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