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Daniel’s Holiday Favorites from Yao Chinese Herbal Market

holidayFaves1 300x225 - Daniel's Holiday Favorites from Yao Chinese Herbal Market

He could hardly wait to share with you.  “No one ever asks me!” And now here’s his chance.  


He’s got one bigger ticket item which is the one he uses EVERYDAY.  That’s right…everyday.  What could it be?  It’s the Bonavita Variable Temperature 1 Liter Gooseneck Kettle. 

This is a fabulous kettle for all of our budding tea enthusiasts at YAO.  Many of you at YAO are on a program to decrease or stop drinking coffee.  Daniel is passionate about tea and is extremely excited about the unfolding of YAO Tea Market.  One of the things he loves most about the tea market is teaching all of you about how extremely interesting and cool tea really is: however, in order to KNOW it intimately, you truly have to steep tea at the correct temperature.  This lovely tea pot heats water up in seconds to the exact temperature to which you set it.  It will also “heat and hold” meaning that it will hold the heat until you lift the kettle from its seat.  This sells for $72.99 on Amazon, but Daniel wants to extend a deal to “all of his homies”.  He wants you using this and drinking the amazing YAO Teas and is therefore selling it for $71.99!  That’s right, YAO beats AMAZON!


These are all items that Daniel thought would make fabulous stocking stuffers. 

holidayFaves2 225x300 - Daniel's Holiday Favorites from Yao Chinese Herbal Market

  • OCHO Minis – These are tasty chocolate coconut mini candy bars similar to a Mounds bar, but all organic.  We all love OCHOs at YAO.  But Daniel loves that you can open the pack and divide the minis into several stockings and everyone gets a tasty treat.
  • Chimes Candies – Spicy ginger chewy candies that again can be broken up into multiple stockings as stocking stuffers. Both Ochos and Chimes as well as everything at YAO is gluten, dairy and egg free.
  • Underberg – His favorite go to for overeating and overdrinking. The “I’ve gone too far” item!  Shoot these individual babies straight or mix with seltzer water to enjoy slowly during or after overeating or overdrinking.
  • Culing pills – Similar use as Underberg…used for overeating and overdrinking, but use the night you drank too much before you go to bed.
  • Enduro Bars – Again, easy to plop into a stocking. These are a great caffeine boost without drinking coffee itself.  The newer smaller packaging makes it especially easy for the on the go Mountaineers out for a ski or snowshoe.
  • White Flower Oil – Fabulous for opening the nasal passages when congested.  This tiny little bottle also fits nicely in a stocking.  A truly cheap and very powerful item for healing.
  • Olbas Pastilles – At the suggestion of one of our patients, we began carrying the line of Olbas products and we LOVE them.  Daniel really likes these pastilles as they stick to the roof of your mouth and the menthol and herbs seem to migrate up the palate and into the sinuses fluidly. 
  • Porous Capsicum – These super hot patches are one of Daniel’s favorite’s for the easy portability.  Great for first aid packs for that Mountaineer in the family. 
  • Ching Wan Hung Herbal Balms for Burns – Drank a little too much and forgot the pan was hot?  Or…just forgot the pan was hot due to rushing around like a chicken with its head cut off?  You really MUST have this burn balm at your house, especially during times when we are doing so much cooking!
  • Zhengu Shui Spray – For pulled, sore or just really tight muscules.  Daniel loves this as you can spray it onto the affected area making it quite convenient.  You can apply to any area by directly spraying or making a poultice with the herbal spray.  It penetrates deeply and quickly. It relieves symptoms of pain and stimulates healing.

If you have questions on any item, post them here! Happy Happy Everything!


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