It's true...she get's very excited when the Enduro bars arrive...

Like many in our YAO family, Page gave up coffee as part of the many dietary changes she has made during her time at YAO.  We know giving up coffee can be ultimately challenging and though we are bringing you YAO Tea Market  and some of you have tried our Good Morning Green tea, that is also one of Page's favorite's for the massive kick it gives you, we found something else that Page likes.  And she likes it ALOT!

We found the Enduro Dark Chocolate Espresso bar/bites.  The bar is broken into bites and you can have half of one of those bites to give you just a tiny bit of kick on the days you may be dragging.  But what we were finding more and more was the trail of Enduro wrappers following Page around the office....hmmmm.

Come on in and give them a try.  As you can see in this picture here, Page get's pretty happy when the Enduro box arrives!