YAO Tea Market....When will it be done?

Oolongs, Medicinals, Greens, Blacks....so many to choose from, so colorful and with gorgeous aroma to boot!  We're as excited to launch YAO Tea Market as you are.  It has been such  a joy to put out tea samplings over these past weeks and truly we are closer every day to being able to sell it.  So thrilled for the launch, the Village Cork, next door to YAO is already serving YAO Teas on their menu!

We've been tasting our teas over and over to be sure you get not only the best description of the tea, but the top information on how to brew it for it's absolute best flavor.  We're looking at which ones are healthful in which seasons, which ones are more conducive to the patient who is recently saying goodbye to coffee and which ones are best for those who prefer something slimming or with no caffeine and even the ones for those who prefer more of a tea adventure, if you will.  We've got you all in mind.  Here are some pics of what we should probably call the YAO Tea LAB.

Give us a little more time, we are almost there.  Until then, come in and sample the teas we have on display.  Open the various jars with teas and have a sniff.  Check out the leaves, the colors, the fragrances.  And when we do launch YAO Tea Market, we will couple it with a tasting, so stay tuned! If you aren't on our email list and want to be kept in the loop on these announcements you can sign up at the bottom of our home page, HERE!