Be Part of the YAO Family at Home

Once YAO seeps into your veins, and it does through the many forms of our herbal formulas, tailor made just for you, it becomes a serious part of your life.  Sometimes YAO is at the forefront, sometimes it's in the background, but YAO is a place that holds something truly special in your heart and we know it. 

With the constant bombardment of external media, social pressures, and the like, we wanted to make it easier for you to touch in with us on a regular basis. So what better way than through YAO Clinic Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.  We will pull together some fun images revolving around YAO Medicine, Bodyowrk, Beauty, YAO Market, YAO Tea and ultimately YAO Life.  

It is our wish that our images and posts will encapsulate that fun, intelligent beauty that you know YAO to be. We look forward to having you join our online family.   Additionally, should you somehow not already be on our email list to receive news and updates regarding YAO, please be sure to click through here and sign on up!

Cheers to YOU!

Team YAO