Who takes care of the Mommies? YAO does!

The emphasis in our current culture has been on caring for that new born baby and though I could go on and on about why that may be and how this insistent attention breeds ill health in our society in the long run...I'd rather tell you about why helping new Mommies is so very important.

At YAO we know that the Mothers are the foundation of the health and wellness of not only the new baby, but of the other small or growing siblings and of the significant other/partner be they a biological parent, step parent or committed partner. If the Mother is not well and cared for, then ultimately everyone suffers.  Our New Mommy program allows new Moms, and that means any Mother with at least one child who is 5 years or younger, to come in once a month to check in with our skilled YAO Medicine department.  Post-childbirth as women, our hormones are re-adjusting, our sleep is usually inadequate, we may be trying to balance work and home life, nursing our newborns and challenged to keep the family healthy from colds and flus as well as fed nutritiously. Often depleted, these monthly wellness visits allows for our practitioners to assist in quickly building back the strength of the Mother and continuing to support her as she builds and nourishes her family.

Recognizing that new families have limited financial resources, we have drastically dropped our prices for New Mommies.  Here's what you get:

  • 6 Monthly Visits at the discounted rate of $85 (Value $125)
  • A FREE YAO Signature Massage
  • A FREE YAO Signature Facial

We threw in the massage because all New Mommies need that extra bit of love, pampering and attention and the facial is fabulous especially when our shifting hormones can wreak havoc on our skin.

The total payment for this package is $510 (Value of $970).  We simply ask that this be paid in one or two payments and the lucky New Mommy is good to go.  This package can be also offered as a gift to any New Mommy you may know.  We are very excited to offer this package as we know what a great value it is to our YAO community. 

Meet our main Medicine practitioner offering these services is Michelle Luiz, LAc by reading more about her background and all that she brings to the New Mommy program.  Feel free to complete the Request an Appointment form or simply give us a call to set your first appointment.

Not quite a New Mommy.  We also offer fabulous pre-natal care and handle many near term issues with breech babies and the need for acupuncture induction or augmentation of labor.  We look forward to hearing from you or your loved one... 303-777-7891