opportunities at YAO

Daniel Hudson, LAc YAO Clinic, Denver, CO Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

Who we are and how we work

YAO Clinic is a premiere Chinese Medical clinic and has been in business for 20 years.  YAO is the brain child of Daniel Hudson, LAc/Doctoral Fellow in TCM who has held an incredible vision for not only the expression of Chinese Medicine in the United States, but the experience of the current day American patient.  YAO is fortunate to piggy back on the incredible professional reputation of Daniel Hudson, whose studies go beyond the limitations of Chinese Medicine and expand into  graduate studies in Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology and Cosmology.  Due to YAO being an extension of his reputation, the team of individuals gathered by Daniel are required to be dedicated to the core in their practice with the highest standards of professionalism.  Whether it be those handling reception positions, our licensed massage therapists in YAO Bodywork, estheticians in YAO Beauty, LAc's in YAO Medicine or our highly trained and skilled Administrative staff, everyone is asked to step up and present their A game.

At YAO, everyone is hired as an employee.  We do NOT ever work in contract relationships.  This arrangement allows for us to truly work as a team.  We have designed innovative employment opportunities that allow for our practitioner employees to truly take ownership of their position by creating inspiring compensation programs that encourage the growth of their personal patient base while allowing the entirety of YAO to be right there to support them.  All departments work seamlessly together on cases...and there are many cases that are NOT easy! So if you are up for a challenge, up for being part of an exciting cutting edge innovative clinic that is going nowhere but upward, keep on reading about the opportunities we  currently have available.