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Russet Norkotah PHP Earth Apples


Russets are a larger darker brown, thicker skinned, oblong potato. Most people use them traditionally as a baked potato.

Russets are great:

  • Baked
  • Mashed
  • As french fries

Though all of our potatoes will keep well if stored in a cool, dry and relatively dark location – Russets store particularly well!

These Heavenly Mountain Farms Potatoes are absolutely delicious. We are having reports from many that they truly are the best potatoes they have ever had. We can truly say they are grown with deep loving intention, and it is our wish that these lovely potatoes make their way to your table, to your kitchen, and into your belly. May they nourish you in soul level ways beyond your physical nutrition.

All of our potatoes are left unwashed. This is to keep it well preserved. When the potatoes are washed they loose their ability to store well. When you come to pick up your potatoes, please be sure you have something to put the bag in that will prevent dirt from getting all over your car or areas which you do not want to get dirty! Additionally - some potatoes may have potato scab. Some more than others. Potato scab is simply an indicator to us that we need to amend and rotate the soil. It does not affect your ability to eat the potatoes. They simply just may not look quite as pretty. We apologize if some of them are uglier than others, but they are all quite tasty!

A NOTE ABOUT PICK UP- We have specified 4 options for pick up days in Lander, Wyoming (2 in November and 2 in December). In order to preserve the potatoes well for you, we want to be sure they are not overly exposed to weather unnecessarily which is why we have specified these pick up times; however, if these times do not work for you, you will have an option in the "SHIPPING" options to specify that the pick up times do not work for you and we will contact you to coordinate a better way to get them to you!

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Phone: 307-205-6704

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Hours: M-F 10-6
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