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Massage Introductory Specials

We want to make it easy for you to say YES to yourself and taking care of your body.  Come in for your first massage and decide at the time of your visit if you would like to purchase a single massage for $69 or a pack of three massages at that same rate for a total of $207. The three pack is there to give you an idea of what massage with regularity might feel like and needs to be used within a 3 month period.

The three pack can be used for either the YAO Signature Massage – 60 Min or the YAO Foot Massage and Reflexology – 60 Min.  Many of our patients also like to use the massage that is included in the package, but to add on an extra 30 minutes to give them a longer time on the table (90 minutes total). The YAO staff is trained to help you make your visit to YAO tailored to your needs.  We are also happy to combine services for you.  Some of the favorite combos are:

Acupuncture into Massage

Acupuncture is a wonderful modality for quickly unwinding the body and allowing the massage therapist to get in there and really get the muscles to release becoming more supple and increasing range of motion and flexibility as well as decreasing any tension or pain.

Gua Sha into Massage

Gua Sha is a branch modality under YAO’s Chinese Bodywork arm. Gua Sha is a method referred to as scraping or rubbing with intent and vigor on very specific areas to ventilate stagnation. The rubbing creates petechiae which are the result of subcutaneous blood being drawn to the surface. Results/relief are often immediate. It’s a wonderful modality when acupuncture may be inappropriate or challenging (persistent coughing, wheezing, allergies). It is also extremely complementary to acupuncture (frozen shoulder, low back pain, degenerative disc issues, migraines and more).

Massage with the Lymphatic Stimulation Upgrade

We have an incredible YAO lymphatic essential oil blend that is utilized on a body brush for this upgrade.  The lymphatic stimulation body brushing assists in waking up the lymphatic system allowing the natural pumping action of the lymph to move any stagnant qi out of the body. Lymphatic stimulation is done at the beginning of the massage session and gracefully flows into the massage itself. People rave about this upgrade.

Massage with the Foot Polish Upgrade

Treat yourself to this delicious foot exfoliating scrub coupled with your massage.  A wonderful stand alone quick treatment that allows not only for beautious feet, but a fabulous sense of rest and renewal.  The light exfoliation contains truly heavenly essential oils and is coupled with a finishing wash of our in house anti-bacterial/anti-microbial herbal wash that leaves your feet feeling light and airy. Foot polish can also be coupled with any massage, acupuncture or gua sha visit. Great no matter what the season.

Ready to get on the table! BOOK NOW RIGHT HERE! Have a few more questions or would like assistance in tailoring it to your needs?Let our staff assist in coupling this with your desired other YAO treatments.  Please feel free to call us at 303-777-7891 and we are more than willing to assist!

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