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We are beyond thrilled to finally be opening our doors to Lander in the coming DAYS! That’s right – not months, not weeks – DAYS! Read on to learn more about what we offer, who Dr. Daniel Hudson is…what he is like, where we are located and how you can contact us!

Grand Opening & The Apothecary/Tea Shop

We are busy finalizing the exact day for the grand opening but here’s what we have in STORE for you (literally – in our store)!

  • Chinese Internal Herbal Medicines
  • Supplements & Nutraceuticals
  • Herbal energy boosters & Relaxers
  • Flower & Gem Essences
  • Tea
  • Beauty Products
  • Gluten free bread, rolls & pizza crust that tastes amazing!
  • Gluten, dairy & egg free treats to let you know that an anti-inflammatory diet is still going to taste great! Pleasure is still to be found!


We offer a wide range of Chinese Medical services. Acupuncture is simply one of many branches of Chinese Medicine. Dr. Daniel Hudson has been known for the following specializations. He has been known to employ – cupping, gua sha, moxibustion, and even feng shui and Chinese Astrology!

  • Treatment of pain
  • Complex cases unsolved by western medical treatments including digestive issues, over medication with pharmaceuticals, and more
  • Women’s health -issues of infertility, challenging gynecological issues, pre-labor preparation, post birth healing & lactation challenges
  • Surgical issues – pre-surgery preparation & post surgical healing PLUS scar management
  • Injection injuries – helping those who have been injured recently from biological injections with complications arising both immediately and latently after injection.

What does our therapeutic acupuncture treatment look like at YAO?

Visits to YAO with Dr. Daniel usually last anywhere from 45 minutes for a quick pain treatment to a full 2 hour new patient visit that includes an extended acupuncture session. An extended acupuncture treatment usually allows for the adjustment of needles several times to cycle the body through several levels of deeper healing. Where you may receive a single treatment elsewhere – you will as we would say “cook” until you’re done! He’s been known to cancel people’s hair appointments if you aren’t done yet…will call husbands and wife’s to let them know their respective partner is still on the table. At the close of the visit, he will often prepare a custom made herbal formula for the patient, make dietary recommendations or even suggest labs we can run should the need arise.

How much does it cost?

We will go through the rates with you by phone, but rest assured that we very much understand that these visits are paid out of pocket as we do not bill insurance. That being said, we also understand that your pocketbook is part of your overall health and we know that you will not heal well if you are extremely financially stressed. We do have fees and they are not sliding scale, but we have worked out a formula that seems to work for most of all levels of financial income. Please call us personally to discuss – 307-205-6704.

Who is Dr. Hudson?

Dr. Daniel Hudson has been practicing Chinese Medicine for over 20 years in Denver, Colorado. He has been to China over 20 times, has given highly respected talks to pharmaceutical societies and Chinese Medical university boards. He is a sought after speaker at Chinese Medical schools in the discussion of the application of Chinese Medicine as it relates to obstetrics and gynecology. He’s the kind of guy that a wife can drag their husband into reluctantly and the husband leaves feeling like he met someone he can finally trust. He is a straight shooter. He tells it like it is with the goal of making sure you understand exactly what needs to happen to improve your health. But don’t take it from us – read on to see what his patients have to say…

Reviews from Complex cases with multiple challenges:

May 2021

“I have been to so many doctors that did not know what was wrong with me. Within a minute of explaining my symptoms, Daniel figured it out. He looked at the exact same tests my other doctors barely looked at and actually came to conclusions. He is so knowledgable. I highly recommend meeting with him if you have health issues that no one else has been able to figure out. He looks at the causes rather than the symptoms to make you healthy from the inside out, instead of just prescribing medications to mitigate your symptoms! I couldn’t be happier that I was recommended to him. I will refer him to all my friends and family now!”

– Anna Bess Pavlakovich – Google Reviews

July 2021

“You can’t go wrong by going to a Doctor that treats the whole body as a working, integrated system. Rest assure You can fire your western doctor that keeps giving you synthetic drugs and get to the root of the problem Dr. Hudson is your gold mine!!! And his staff is amazing!”

– Nia Zambrano – Google Reviews

Sept. 2021

And Nia’s Follow Up 2 months later…

“Returning here to update my review: Within these 2 months My symptoms have diminished by 75%: Drippy sinuses, chronic cough, depressed, lethargic, and fat!

While my endocrine system is getting a hard reset, through fantastic instructions from Dr. Hudson, I am sleeping better, waking up feeling fantastic 😲, happy, energetic and lost 23lbs. I still have another month to go! I feel so blessed to be working with Dr. Hudson and his staff 💜”

– Nia Zambrano – Google Reviews

December 2020

“After having dealt with a chronic health issue for over 2 years, after seeing over 5 doctors for this issue, and after having had surgery I found this place by pure luck. The Yao clinic has been a life changing experience for me and has helped me improve immensely. The staff is incredible too and really works with you to make sure you get the service that you need. There are so many great things to say about this place, but to keep it short and sweet I just want to say that I’m always happy to come here because when I leave I know that I’ll be feeling better!”

– Samuel Morgan – Google Reviews

October 2021

“I’ve been taking Daniel’s treatment for 3 months. I have these problems for years, depression, anxiety, eczema and shoulder pain. They all get relieved. 😧 In the first two weeks he fixed my insomnia from stress.”

– Lisa Bisa – Google Reviews

November 2021

“I had an incredible experience with YAO today. I have many reasons to come back to this clinic and highly recommended it. The doctor was so wise and so nice, I’m forever grateful!!! Thank you!!! 🌸”

– StarSeed – Google Reviews

April 2021

“Daniel is authentic! He is the real deal, takes his time to really get to know you and understand what’s going on with your body! Very knowledgeable pleasant and intuitive! I highly recommend Daniel for true healing and would go as far to say that every doctor and dentist that I’ve ever been to can learn a lot from his genuine personality. Page is very pleasant and wonderful as well, Thank you both!”

– How To Kite Surf – Google Reviews

December 2021

“After driving by this place for years, I finally set an appointment to see Dr. Daniel about a condition that I was recently diagnosed with. My first encounter was with Page who has worked with Dr. Daniel for over a decade (which was a good indicator for me). She put me at ease immediately. I knew I had come to the right place immediately upon meeting with Dr. Daniel. He meticulously reviewed and explained four blood reports, which I’ve never had a doctor do before. I’m at the beginning of my journey with him, but am sincerely more optimistic than I have ever been since the diagnosis. Their herbal store is filled with top notch products and the tea selection is extraordinary. This store alone is worth the visit.”

– Janice Wohler – Google Reviews

Reviews from case specific to pain:

August 2021

“Daniel is a magician. Five years ago I went for acupuncture on a lark. In that first session Daniel eliminated pain in my left should and neck that I had carried for forty years. It was gone. The neck and shoulder still have issues, but the pain is gone.

Over the past few months I have had knee pain in both knees. Daniel’s recommendation to eat cherries eliminated most of the pain, but it was still there. At my last acupuncture session ( do four sessions or so a year) Daniel applied zhen gu shui and the pain is gone. Gone. Tenderness gone. Soreness gone. My squats and deadlifts are pain free.

Five years ago I laughed at Chinese medicine, today I am a believer and an admirer of Daniels clinical skills.”

– Michael Wallace – Google Reviews

And the reviews go on and on and on…you can check out more reviews here for yourself!


YAO Herbal Apothecary, Clinic & Tea Market

YELP Reviews

YAO Herbal Apothecary, Clinic & Tea Shop – Denver, CO

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