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Finding YAO can be as exciting as discovering that old 1943 copper penny… amongst the heap of change in your jar…produced by the Denver mint and worth $1.7 million!  At Denver’s 5230 feet elevation in this booming metropolis, there are some truly out of this world finds. YAO Clinic is definitely one of them. It is an incredibly special place. Special enough that we are on the map for many folks’ out of town tourist visits. With fine teas, amazingly spot on Chinese Medicine treatments (acupuncture, herbs, cupping, moxibustion, gua sha, feng shui, astrology & more), one of the largest granular herbal pharmacies in the country, and massage that will melt the angriest of muscles…who wouldn’t stop in? We often hear from people in our neighboring residential community…

“I always wondered what was inside your building!” OR “Wow…I never knew all of this was here.” OR “This place is just sooo cool!”

YAO truly brings the old world of Chinese and Asian culture and tradition into the hands of the modern day American in a most authentic and genuinely caring way. We present Asian healthy living in ways that even the outback Denver cowboy/rancher can accept. And we’re not just talking putting needles in and taking herbs. For this reason, we are known by many as America’s Premiere Chinese Medicine Clinic. Founded over twenty years ago by Dr. Daniel Hudson, DAOM, LAc. YAO Clinic has graced the Washington Park neighborhood for that entire time and in its present location for roughly 13 years.  Dr. Daniel’s vision of bringing the beauty of all he has experienced in China in its chaotic glory and organized it in a way that every American can not only approach but from which they can glean wisdom is expressed here at YAO. And it’s not always “ooooo…ahhhh” wisdom that instantaneously turns you into an enlightened being. It can be more like… “Wow that herb really worked” or “Wow, never thought of my lifestyle like that”…or “Gee I can’t believe how quick my pain went away.”


YAO, roughly translated means medicine. Medicine or YAO is what is applied to bring balance in Chinese Medicine. At YAO we strive to bring medicine to you in the way we handle your phone call, the cup of tea we brew for you, the care we take in setting aside your herbs to await your after hours arrival and the way we have organized our prices to fit as best we can a variety of pocket books.

HOW YOU WILL FEEL – Become Part of our YAO Family

Once you start coming to YAO, the feeling you have when your arrive is one of…

I feel better about ME!

It is our wish that you come join us soon!

Hours & Locations

Phone: 307-205-6704

Lander, Wyoming
795 Garfield Avenue
Lander, WY 82520

Hours: M-F 10-6
Starting mid-Jan. 2022

YAO Annex Denver
1705 South Pearl Street, Suite 2A
Denver, CO 80210

Hours: Variable monthly

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