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Its an unfortunate fact of life, but at some point, you or a loved one may face a debilitating condition or accident. Fortunately, some alternatives can help people improve their overall quality of life. Two of the methods that can help you or a loved one during a chronic illness or injury are reflexology and foot massages.

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What Is Reflexology Massage?

Reflexology is a therapy method used mostly in alternative medicine which involves the use of massages in specific areas in feet and hands to trigger a healing response from different body parts. The practice of reflexology requires a professional therapist who will employ the use of specific techniques that help them treat their patients. The theory behind the use of reflexology is that each area of the foot can be divided into sub-areas, each of which has different effects over the body.

Typically, a reflexology therapist will also use a foot chart depicting the different sub-divisions on the foot and which part of the body it affects. For instance, the majority of the toes affect things related to the nose and sinuses. On the other hand, the ball of the foot is associated with the thyroid gland and stomach; right on the edge of the ball of the foot, there is a little area that affects the pancreas. Depending on the specific circumstances of a patient, reflexology can be combined with other methods, such as chiropractic sessions.

Foot Massage vs. Reflexology

People may confuse both terms by thinking the results of each method are ultimately the same. However, both concepts – foot massage and reflexology – are very different, both in their application and the results. As we discussed above, reflexology involves the use of different techniques to affect different parts of the body. This is achieved by targeting specific areas on the foot.

A foot massage, on the other hand, does not require the use of meticulous techniques or the in-depth knowledge of human physiology often required by reflexologists. Instead, a foot massage is a less sophisticated approach that involves the use of simple massage techniques to provide better circulation in the foot area while preventing adverse symptoms such as swelling. Additionally, it can help alleviate pain in different parts of the body.

What Are the Benefits of Reflexology and Foot Massages?

Both reflexology and foot massages can provide different benefits to people looking to improve their overall health. While both concepts are different, they can help treat the symptoms caused by various illnesses and conditions.

Reflexology Benefits

Reflexology has been used in people who face chronic conditions such as cancer. Cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy can suffer from neuropathy in their hands and feet. Implementing reflexology after a chemotherapy regime can help patients feel more relaxed. This traditional medicine method can also help cancer patients feel less stressed and anxious, and it can improve their sleep.

Reflexology can also help alleviate the symptoms associated with arthritis. Targeting places such as the hands can help improve arthritis by reducing pain and swelling or improving a patient’s range and ease of motion. Reflexology has also been known to stimulate better circulation, which can help keep organs in good shape and promote the regrowth of damaged cells.

Foot Massage Benefits

While foot massages are not as sophisticated as reflexology massages, they can still provide significant benefits to all patients. For instance, correctly applying a foot massage can help improve circulation, mitigate the symptoms of PMS and menopause, reduce swelling, and more.

What Are the Side Effects of Reflexology and Foot Massages?

Reflexology and foot massages are two non-invasive techniques that can help improve health. Fortunately, they do not have many side effects and may be useful for you depending on the specific circumstances surrounding your condition or injury.

The most common side effects of reflexology and foot massages are lightheadedness and tenderness in the feet. You should always consult with your physician about whether reflexology or foot massages are safe to include in your treatment regimen, especially if you are pregnant.

Denver Chinese Hospital & Clinic Offering Reflexology and Foot Massages

If you are looking for an alternative to traditional medicine to help you treat the symptoms associated with your condition, reflexology and foot massages can help. For centuries, Chinese culture has implemented these and other methods to help people feel well. Don’t let pain and discomfort take over your life.

At Yao Chinese Hospital & Clinic, we understand the difficulties associated with chronic conditions. That is why we provide all our clients with alternatives that can help them improve their health holistically. To learn more about reflexology and the benefits it can bring into your life, call our offices today at (720) 572-1213.


Yao Foot Massage + Reflexology Services

Yao Foot Massage and Reflexology – 30 Minutes – $45

Yao’s 30 Minute Foot Massage & Reflexology sessions are a wonderful way to refresh and rejuvenate the overall body with just working the feet. A great option for people with either a short amount of time or those not wishing to disrobe. Truly amazing how touching JUST the feet can effectively release tension throughout the entire body. This can be easily coupled with a Standard Acupuncture treatment, Yao Maintenance Facial or even the 30 Minute Foot Scrub. Our staff can assist you in tailoring this to fit with the exact experience you would like to receive for your Yao Clinic visit. A true treat for your feet!

Yao Foot Massage and Reflexology – 60 Minutes – $80

Similar to the 30 Minute Foot Massage & Reflexology session with more time to really allow the body to relax and unwind with the simple thoughtful touch of reflexology. Again- a wonderful option for those not wishing to disrobe. Our patients with packages or memberships can apply their regular 60 minute massage to this service. This can also be coupled on with many other types of appointments here at Yao – Standard Acupuncture or any Yao Beauty services. Please discuss your ideal preferences and our staff will assist you in designing the perfect Yao experience

Yao Foot Scrub and Massage – 30 Minutes

Treat yourself to this delicious foot exfoliating scrub and massage. A wonderful stand alone quick treatment that allows not only for beautious feet, but a fabulous sense of rest and renewal. The light exfoliation contains truly heavenly essential oils and is coupled with a finishing wash of our in house anti-bacterial/anti-microbial herbal wash that leaves your feet feeling light and airy. It can also be coupled with a one or one and a half hour massage, or any facial as well as any medicine appointment. Great no matter what the season. Let our staff assist in coupling this with your desired other Yao treatments.

Foot Polish (Scrub + Exfoliation) – Add On to Any Bodywork Treatment

Add on our fabulous foot polish to any bodywork treatment. No additional time necessary, simply have this treatment integrated into your regular scheduled massage. The light exfoliation contains truly heavenly essential oils and is coupled with a finishing wash of our in house anti-bacterial/anti-microbial herbal wash that leaves your feet feeling light and airy. Great no matter what the season. Let our staff assist in coupling this with your desired other Yao treatments.

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