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Denver Lymphatic Stimulation Spa

At YAO Clinic, we dedicate ourselves to providing the best treatments Chinese and Asian medicine have to offer. We are always thrilled to share our experience with you in ways that allow for health improvement while promoting a more balanced lifestyle. If you or a loved one is interested in our amazing Lymphatic Stimulation ad-on to deepen your massage experience at YAO, our Denver bodywork team has got your back (pun intended)! To learn more about all our products and services and how they can help you feel better, call YAO today at (720) 572-1213.

Understanding the Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is one of the most essential bodily systems. Through this component, part of the circulatory system, we eliminate waste, toxins, and other contaminants. This intricate system is made out of a network of lymphatic vessels that carries a clear liquid known as “lymph” to different parts of the body. Lymph is used by the body to fight off infections. If there are any problems with the lymphatic system, you may experience several health issues.

For instance, lymphadenopathy is a disease where the lymph nodes grow in size and number, which can cause discomfort. People suffering from this disease can experience things such as weight loss, fatigue, difficulty breathing, and other complications. Lymphedema is another type of disease affecting the lymphatic system. This happens when there are obstructions or blockages in the lymphatic nodes. Many times, lymph node blockages occur due to damage caused by surgery. Please note that Lymph node blockages or problems caused within the lymph system are NOT targeted with our Lymphatic Stimulation ad-on (continue reading below).

What prevents proper lymph flow – Gravity for one does a significant number on our bodies. Simply living on the planet and having the constant pull downward coupled with lack of overall movement – sitting a good number of hours in the day either at a desk or in the car can cause the lymph system to stagnate and to not function at its optimal best for promoting your body’s natural immune defense.

What is Lymphatic Stimulation?

Lymphatic stimulation, as mentioned before, is a type of massage used to promote circulation within the lymphatic system and prevent blockages thus boosting your body’s natural immune defense system.YAO’s lymphatic stimulation ad-on takes very little time and allows you to still receive a  luxuriating and therapeutic massage which is coveted by many. Our lymphatic stimulation ad-on can be integrated into any YAO’s 60 Minute Signature Massage or YAO’s 90 Minute Extended Massage.

Your YAO bodywork professional uses a YAO dry brush with our YAO lymph oil (see below for details on the oil blend) and gently brushes the body in a very directed method flowing with your lymph system’s natural structure and thus increasing lymph flow. Our potent lymph oil penetrates to assist the therapist in doing this amazing clinical work. When integrated with massage, lymphatic stimulation not only promotes lymph flow and thus also the body’s natural detox system to kick in, but this also triggers the body to naturally relax and unwind allowing for deeper massage work to be done. Patrons of YAO love the lymphtic stimulation ad-on as it does not require any additional time on the table, but does allow for incredibly deeper work to be done on their body! And lastly, since the dry brush is used, they are also receiving a light exfoliation which then allows the skin to breath and function at its best.

YAO Lymph Blend of Essential Oils

All YAO Essential oil blends have been specially formulated by our YAO staff for very technically specific clinical applications. Made up of Cypress, Red Mandarin, Blue Yarrow, Bay Laurel, Rosemary, Ginger – This blend is specially designed to penetrate locally into the skin via direct transport when using a dry brush application. Only a couple of drops are needed which makes it incredibly economical in use should you decide to purchase a bottle to take with you upon check out. It has a beautiful blue color from the Blue Yarrow. All ingredients work easily into the skin and directly effect the skin and circulation (from wound healing, muscle tightness/cramping relief, wrinkles, spider/vericose veins, scars, etc) thereby penetrating easily into the lymphatic system right below the skins’ surface.

Is Lymphatic Stimulation Good for Everyone?

Absolutely! Lymphatic stimulation is exactly that…it is ONLY lymphatic stimulation.  This is quite different from lymphatic massage, also very beneficial; however, when one goes in for a lymphatic massage there are certain situations where you may want to consider avoiding it temporarily (recent surgery, cardiac challenges/heart related issues). You are always more than welcome to discuss this with our YAO staff to determine if YAO lymphatic stimulation is the right choice for you!

The fact that you suffered from a condition that prevents lymphaticstimulation does not mean that you cannot add this delightful add on to the YAO Signature or YAO Extended Massage moving forward. You can truly deepen your experience of massage by employing lymphatic stimulation!

Get a Lymphatic Stimulation Massage from Our Denver Bodywork Professionals

At YAO, our dedicated, experienced, and knowledgeable bodywork professionals can perform a variety of techniques to assist in your body’s innate. In addition to the lymphatic stimulation ad-on, we also offer services such as gua sha, pre-natal massages, acupuncture, cupping, and other traditional Chinese techniques. Additionally, we offer the best products used in traditional Chinese and Asian cultures. Our philosophy of empowering the patient to make clear choices in alignment with health makes YAO your perfect destination for alternative and functional medicine. To book an appointment or learn about all of our products and how we can help you treat your condition, call us today at (720) 572-1213.

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