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Meet Marla – Chinese Medicine Physician Assistant

It’s true! YAO has, to our knowing, the FIRST Chinese Medicine Physicians Assistant. We are proud to boast of having Marla Meyer on our team. Marla brings a ton to the table…treatment table, that is. Not only does she keep Dr. Daniel on time (always a plus), but her grounded nature, compassionate demeanor, great sense of humor, and well rounded Colorado sensibilities will endear you to her during your visit. Please have a read through Marla’s introduction!

Marla at the ready!

Hello there YAO Family! Marla here! Thought I’d pass along a little bit about me for all of you to learn as it seems fairly lop-sided that I get to learn so much about you and your life and you know nothing about me, up until now!

Colorado Proud

You guessed it. I grew up in the beautiful state of Colorado and you will never find me leaving!  My family is rooted in the Denver area and our close knit clan spends lots of time caring for each other…Moms and Dads…sister and nieces etc.  My 3 dogs get me out and about in all weather and are my loves for sure. The mountains are always calling me to them with my most happy space being Estes Park and surrounding area. This serene mountain country never ceases to bring peace in my heart and joy to my spirit. Any chance I can get to retreat there, I will take!

Called to Serve Others

Helping people heal has always been part of my calling. Having spent 12 years working as a Respiratory Therapist in hospitals and 2 years as a Respiratory Therapy Health Coach, I am very familiar with the hospital setting and the western medical approach to medicine. Working with people who were very ill needing round the clock care is an experience I will never forget.  Of course every good care giver has to become ill themselves they say. So after experiencing some health challenges personally, I was led to explore energy medicine and absolutely fell in love with Reiki. Reiki healing became my passion, and I quickly passed through the three levels of training to achieve what many will refer to as a Master level training.  Reiki has been a powerful tool for me to use personally and professionally. Though I am technically certified as a Master level Reiki practitioner, I am here to share that there is always more to learn!

Respecting That Still Small Voice Inside

After my health had improved from employing a combination of both Western and Eastern medicine, I listened to that still small voice within that kept calling me back to the mountains.  I took a much needed break from Western healthcare and did something completely different – I fulfilled a life long dream of living in the Colorado mountains.  It is a wonderful thing to look back and know that I have accomplished this.

IMG 0100 300x225 - Meet Marla - Chinese Medicine Physician Assistant

Marla and her 3 dogs.

Finding YAO

After 4 years of living in the mountains, family matters called me back to Denver.  During that time, I became certified as a life coach.  Life coaching is a methodology by which one can help people to move along there path of life in an empowered state by coming into alignment with their life’s purpose.  Still looking for something more while my coaching career was in simmer mode, I found YAO Clinic by happy accident. YAO embraced me at the Front Desk where I got my chops and learned the real ins and outs of deep nurturing and caring the YAO way – from the first phone call and email response all the way to the treatment room. Being that there is so much going on behind the scenes at YAO, my reliable nature and technical savvy allowed me to begin adding other tasks related to our distribution of Yin-care  to my daily duties as well as some accounting work as well!

As I became more and more well-integrated into YAO, Dr. Daniel mulled over my background in coaching and my contributions to YAO and about 6 months ago he offered me the opportunity to be his Chinese Medicine Physician Assistant!  The first few weeks of my new job were a blur, and in all honestly, I had a very steep learning curve. Each day I continue to learn something new!

Acupuncture is Extremely Effective

In my time as the Chinese Medicine Physician Assistant, I have noticed that patients are amazed at how much acupuncture can help them. Of course, the herbs are amazing as well, but I’d like to just take a moment to acknowledge our patients’ amazement with acupuncture in particular.

Here are a few of the areas that I have noticed that acupuncture is particularly effective:
  • Post surgery healing
  • acute pain from injury
  • chronic pain
  • fertility and women’s health issues
  • stress management
Join me for my next blog post for more detail on these areas!


Call YAO Clinic in Denver for any further questions regarding your interests in Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Herbs, Gua Sha, Massage & Bodywork! We have amazing staff there to assist you finding out if YAO is the right place for you. 303-777-7891

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