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Snappy Skin Rituals that Work – Week Two: Get Hydrated, Stay Hydrated!

With that Mindful Goes Gorgeous YAO philosophy…we present December YAO Beauty care home tips!

Continuing on our glow front…let’s move on to Week 2’s Tip with our Snappy Skin Rituals that WORK!

Recall: Snappy would translate to QUICK and Skin Rituals…we like to think of those as the mindfully infused routine of caring for your skin. You can use any one of these and they will boost your hydration!

THIS WEEK – Get hydrated, stay hydrated!

Dryness is always a concern in this gorgeous place we call home, and the effects show in our skin. Holiday merriment can wreak havoc on the body and complexion as well. Alcohol and late night revelries can leave your skin looking a bit worse for wear.

THE PERENNIAL MERRI-MAKER  – ALCOHOL …wreaking havoc on the skin

Let’s tackle the potential issues here, beginning with that perennial merry-maker ALCOHOL! Our body partially oxidizes ethanol in the liver, releasing the by-product acetaldehyde, a toxin that contributes to hangover symptoms. Excessive consumption of alcohol alters blood flow to the skin, over time weakening the capillary walls which can cause them to break. The dehydrating affects of alcohol give the skin a dull, dry appearance. Make it a practice to drink a glass of water or club soda between cocktails to hydrate; you’ll thank yourself in the morning! Inadequate sleep elevates cortisol, which in turn raises blood sugar and insulin levels causing a cascade of inflammation and glycation. Glycation is partially responsible for wrinkles, age-spots, cataracts and even arterial stiffening. We want you to feel your absolute best as you celebrate with friends and family!

Snappy2Icons1 - Snappy Skin Rituals that Work - Week Two: Get Hydrated, Stay Hydrated!


Magnify the effect of your water intake…

We have some internal and external helpmates to get you through the holiday fun and the winter to come. We love Vital Proteins Marine Collagen for the support its amino acid profile gives our connective tissues, helping to maintain healthy joints, support bone strength…WAIT WAIT WAIT…weren’t we concerned with skin?  Yes! And…the lovely marine collage also works to enhance skin hydration and improves elasticity to give some firmness to our skin that works so hard to protect us from the harsh elements. SIDE NOTE – Don’t forget – schussing down the slopes enlivens the spirit, but the wind hammering your skin can cause irritation and redness if it isn’t properly supported.

Driving water into dermal cells using HyaGlo…Snappy2Icons2 - Snappy Skin Rituals that Work - Week Two: Get Hydrated, Stay Hydrated!

Hyaluronic Acid (also known as Hyaluronan which is a glycosaminoglycan or GAG) is an extremely beneficial fluid our bodies make naturally in our skin’s dermal layers. It holds ONE THOUSAND times it’s weight in water to keep tissues throughout the body hydrated. Around half of the hyaluronic acid we produce is found in the dermis and epidermis. As with cell turnover, production of hyaluronic acid slows with age. Good news is you can apply Hyaluronic acid externally to the skin. The external application and absorption of hyaluraonic acid has the affect of feeling hydrated immediately.  At YAO we recommend HyaGlo Skin Serum to alleviate surface dryness and thereby plump fine lines and wrinkles so they are less visible. You can apply this immediately after cleansing and before any serums, oils or moisturizers for a perfect first layer of moisture that your other products can build upon. When you apply Hyaglo prior to your serums, it actually pulls the serums into the cells more quickly and effectively allowing the products to do their work more efficiently.

Creating a Protective Barrier…Snappy1Icons2 - Snappy Skin Rituals that Work - Week Two: Get Hydrated, Stay Hydrated!

OSEA has some wonderful botanical oils to soothe compromised skin and lock in hydration. Essential Hydrating Oil deeply hydrates with a blend of macadamia, jojoba, and sesame oils that carry essential oils of lavender, chamomile, and geranium to calm the senses and promote luminosity. Lock in all that goodness with Advanced Protection Cream, the ultimate age-defying moisturizer! Avocado and macadamia oils fortify skin with essential fatty acids, squalane is an emollient that desensitizes and nourishes, and the amino acid compound DPHP reduces hyper-pigmentation, evening and brightening skin tone, it’s a really wonderful finishing touch.


We will keep you well hydrated and let you make merry with our awesome “Champagne” treatments.  In the treatment room, we’ve got some glow-getting new offerings, and treats for the olfactory organs. Cocoa and raspberry enzymes provide gentle exfoliation with zero calories. Follow up with an Oxygen Rx treatment that bubbles up like champagne but without the hangover. Oxygen is anti-microbial making it especially effective for treating rosacea and acne, while causing a brightening effect and keeps working to heal the skin for weeks after the treatment. You can achieve a sustainable healthy glow that truly comes from within!

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