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Jade roller, the ancient beauty tool that’s really having a moment – right now

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Use of the Jade Roller is going to be another PHENOMENAL Snappy Skin Ritual brought to you by YAO that WORKS!!! We want all of the skin rituals you take on to be quick and efficient and fun, yet also medicinally profound.

This beautiful mineral, Jade, has been used in beauty rituals in the East for centuries. This gorgeous stone is purported to have soothing energy, be useful for emotional healing, and attract love and luck. It is associated with the heart chakra and is said to eliminate fear and balance emotions. At YAO, we find the research conducted at the Skin Research Institute in Korea which found that jade has far-infrared ray radiation that stimulates blood flow and revitalizes skin cells to be a fabulous reason to get on the band wagon and start rollin’!!!

So what does it do for my skin?

Jade is a naturally cool element helping to calm inflammation and reduce puffiness. I pat a bit of YAO’s Tightening Eye Serum on my orbital bone and just under my brow line and use the small end of my jade roller for a nice little perk in the morning. In the evening I do the full face routine, to really make a ritual out of the movements. After cleansing and application of serum(s) and moisturizer you are ready to roll!

Different movements for different effects

Lymphatic Stimulation – Immunity Boost

To stimulate the lymphatic system for a boost in immunity, roll …

  • …in a downward motion on neck with a very light touch
  • …begin behind the ear and roll towards the clavicle. This will assist your lymphatic system in moving waste products and cellular debris into the lymph nodes that act as a filter.
  • …on the face apply three strokes to each area from the middle outward, with the third stroke coming down to the side of the neck just under the ear to push that lymph into the node.

Invigorate & Refresh

To achieve a more invigorating treatment and rejuvenate the skin …say after a long day at work and before a dinner engagement or waking up feeling sluggish..

  • …roll upwards with a bit more pressure
  • …use more of a medium to firm touch, starting at the clavicle and rolling up the neck
  • …proceed from the center of the face outward, using a slightly upward angle. Either way, it’s a wonderful way to create a ritual out of your routine!

How do I get one? Tell me more!

Once exclusive to high society, jade rollers are now accessible to everyone! We source ours directly from China and bring them to you for $30, pretty small price to pay to turn your routine into a self-care ritual. Want to buy one for a friend? Call us and we can have it sent to them.

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