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Chocolate, Raspberries & Champagne – YAO’s Special Spa Treatments

Sweet treats for skin health now at YAO!

Chocolate & Raspberry…mmm…Delish

Chocolate Enzyme Treatment

Cocoa enzymes are a treat for everyone’s senses and especially beneficial for patients dealing with the following challenges:

  • acne
  • rosacea
  • sensitive skin.

The cocoa seed powder in this treatment comes from the very same Hershey, Pennsylvania manufacturing plant that makes Hershey’s chocolate bars! Cocoa, as you may know, is anti-inflammatory and effective at dissolving desmosomes (basically the glue that holds your skin cells together) gently loosening up those dry, dead cells so they can shuffle off, letting new fresh cells show off their youthful glow. Buh BYE!!!

Raspberry Enzymes Treatment

Raspberry enzymes smell delicious while brightening and clarifying aging skin concerns. Raspberry is a natural source of Azeleic acid, an underutilized (in my opinion) exfoliant that unclogs pores while lessening factors that lead to sensitivity. Great for fading post-acne marks and evening skin tone all while delivering anti-oxidant benefits.

Chocolate or Raspberry CHAMPAGNE! – Oxygen Rx Treatment by Circadia

We follow up the enzyme best for your skin concerns with Circadia’s Oxygen Rx Treatment. We call this the “champagne” treatment because the oxygen bubbles up on the skin for a lovely little physical sensation while it brightens and tightens. Wonderful for treating acne and rosacea both of which have bacterial and vascular components that oxygen’s germicidal action is amazingly helpful with. Capillaries are compressed, skin is soothed and redness is abated, such a joy for those of us with rosacea and telangiectasia (broken capillaries) resulting from sun damage! This effervescent treatment increases nutrient transport to the skin for continued healing throughout the skin’s monthly life cycle. The facial that works well beyond the time you spend on our table! How cool is that?!?

Quick & Easy Holiday Glow in ONLY 30 Minutes

Better yet…these two black tie options are both done within a 30 minute maintenance facial! Treat your senses to a calorie-free indulgence and get your holiday glow on FAST with YAO Beauty!

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raspberries with chocolate

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