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Yao’s Ultimate C: How Vitamin C Impacts Your Health and Well-Being

ultimateC - Yao's Ultimate C: How Vitamin C Impacts Your Health and Well-Being

Psst…try the Ultimate C friend, your skin will love it!

Vitamin C, prevents colds and obscure diseases like scurvy right?

You know it! A lack of fresh fruits and vegetables containing this very necessary antioxidant led to the death of many sailors, and is still a concern, albeit rare, in developing nations. Humans do not produce vitamin C which is absolutely essential for so many processes of the body. Deficiency presents with feelings of fatigue, weakness, gum disease, soreness, and my least favorite (but in my opinion a wonderfully baroque way to describe a feeling) the dreaded malaise!!

Traditionally used as a cold remedy for it’s immune system support, vitamin C will not cure the common cold, but reduces the risk of having that cold turn into pneumonia. Chronic insufficiency damages blood vessel walls, according to a study by Dr. Matthias Rath and two-time Nobel Laureate Dr. Linus Pauling. It strengthens blood vessel walls which is also a really good thing for the heart and also makes it a great skin care ingredient.

Will it help my telangiectasia?

I’m so pleased you asked and your question allowed me to use another of my favorite words – TELAGIECTASIA! Due to it’s ability to strengthen blood vessel walls it will help prevent those little broken capillaries commonly found across the cheeks and noses and uncommonly known by their scientific name telangiectasia. L-ascorbic acid, the form of vitamin C our bodies are able to use, is key to the production of collagen that gives skin it’s firmness. Topically applied, it reduces hyper-pigmentation and smooths texture.

Is Vitamin C the only ingredient in Ultimate C?

The way I was going on about it I can see why you would think that, but no, there are some other important supporting players in the formulation of Ultimate C, that’s how it earned its name! Palmitoyl Glutathione is in there, fighting dullness, sagging, wrinkles and all the pesky signs of time’s cruel march across your face. Ricnus Communis (sounds scary right? it’s just castor oil) makes an appearance, adding to the antioxidant party and bringing some anti-inflammatory lubrication and illumination to make you glow in the correct way. The D-Beta Glucosamine, a skin strengthening agent found in Chinese Foxglove (which happens to grow in our YAO garden during summer months), has a small molecular weight so it penetrates deeply for high efficacy. There’s some Hamamelis extract, common name American Witch Hazel, decocted by early Native Americans to abate external inflammation, tempering the sometimes sensitizing vitamin C. Glyceryl Stearate, which I must admit sounds like a not-so-great chemical is actually creating a protective barrier to slow transepidermal water loss and stabilizes everything else. Last but not least, Ultimate C contains Zinc Oxide, proven to improve collagen synthesis, thereby healing burns, wounds and improving the appearance of melasma and rosacea!

Please come and see me at YAO Clinic and we can discuss more of our favorite vocabulary words, I can pamper you with a lovely beauty service, and you can pick up a set of our Palace Treasures Trio for yourself!

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