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The Importance of Skin Care and Natural Skin Care Products

At YAO we believe that food is medicine, that’s why we ask our patients to consider making changes to their diets. What goes in our body directly affect its processes. In the treatment room (and the mirror), I see how food choices affect skin everyday. The same is true for skincare. The ingredients we feed our skin through topical application of products are just as important as the food we eat. In the YAO Marketplace we offer only safe, natural, non-toxic cleansers, serums, oils, and moisturizers.

But I like my drugstore brands…

I hear you on that! Do note though that good skincare products are costlier, but I PROMISE YOU they will prove to be worth it in the long run. They contain less (if any) water; therefore, you need less of them than a drugstore brand; they will last longer, and they truly are an investment in your health. According to The Thompson Letter for doctors and patients, toxic and mutagenic ingredients commonly found in cosmetics and skin care products have been found to contribute to the rise of breast cancer in the United States. For our YAO branded formulas we partner with a company that creates non-toxic skin care products that do not disrupt the endocrine systems or accumulate in the body’s tissues (note: This is a very very very good thing for you). Through this relationship was developed our Palace Treasures Trio! These AMAZING age-defying concentrations dramatically improve the texture and appearance of skin with active ingredients. Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to spotlight each of these treasures one at a time so we can do a deep dive into the magical ingredients contained within.

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A thousand years old and not one line on his face…his secret is the Palace Treasures Trio.

Let’s Talk Ingredients…

YAO’s Ultimate a

First up from our Palace Treasures Trio is YAO’s Ultimate A, topical vitamin A cream. Vitamin A is a great exfoliator, extremely effective at mitigating acne, reducing the size of pores that are enlarged due to sun damage or clogging and reducing the depth and breadth of lines and wrinkles. Retinoic acid is the bioavailable form of vitamin A used in topical formulations, what we call retinols, retinoids and Retin-A. The difference between these is the concentration of vitamin A. Ultimate A contains L-Retinol Retinaldehyde, in this form vitamin A is superior in repairing connective tissue from environmental damage while being tolerable to more sensitive skin types.

Is vitamin A one of those anti-oxidants you’re always touting?

You got it! Ultimate A also contains Phenyl Butyl Nitrone – a ‘spin trap’ that intercepts free radicals before they can even get around to doing any damage to tissues. This super anti-oxidant is so intelligent it can tell the difference between good oxygen molecules and Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), which in excessive levels can cause damage to cell structures.

WOW! Okay, is that all the technical jargon you’ve got for me?

Nope! I love researching these post!!! The field of esthetics is constantly evolving, and I’m learning right along with you. There is another cool component to Ultimate A, aminoguanidine, originally developed as an investigational drug to potentially treat diabetic neuropathy, it acts to reduce levels of advanced glycation end products (AGEs). AGEs are formed when sugars combine with proteins or fats, the process called glycation, thereby damaging their structure and contributing to wrinkles and age spots. NOBODY WANTS THAT!

Daily use of Ultimate A will result in improved tone and texture and a strengthened barrier to better defend against environmental assault, whether you use it alone or with the Ultimate C and Ultimate Peptides, our other two Palace Treasures!


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