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Hippophae Rhamnoides: Little Berry With Big Benefits

Summer is winding down, and those long days in the sun have taken their toll on your skin. You may notice that you’ve got some freckling going on, maybe you even stayed out a bit too long in the sun and have some splotchy darker patches. This hyper-pigmentation is triggered by UV rays that stimulate your melanin production. While sun exposure is the most common cause of abnormal pigmentation, other hormonal and environmental factors are also in play. Don’t despair! YAO Beauty has your solution!

From Circadia, it’s our MandeliClear Peel! This award winning mandelic peel helps lighten up melasma, age spots, and even acne scarring. Administered by our esthetician with the utmost care and concern, a thorough consultation will determine if this service is right for you. We approach the peel experience here at YAO in a very different manner than most.  We feel that your preparation for the peel begins both internally and externally.  We want all of your body’s systems supporting all functions of skin repair to its best abilities. If you know us well at YAO, we feel that the commonly accepted approach to a peel is so completely unacceptable…to damage the skin intentionally and then not fully provide one’s body the support it needs to repair is not only bad medicine, it is slightly cruel since the peel can be uncomfortable and these products can assist in facilitating healing quicker with comfort.

Which leads us to this post’s featured product, botanical name Hippophae Rhamnoides!!

Hippophae Rhamnoides??? What the heck is that?

Well I’m glad you asked…it’s a thorny deciduous shrub, native to Europe, Northern Asia, and China. Translated from ancient Greek, hippo=horse and phaos=to shine. Ancient Greeks fed the leaves of the plant to their horses so that the rays of the sun bouncing off their shiny coats would blind their enemies on the battlefield! Didn’t you see that part in the sequel to ‘300’? Okay maybe I’m taking a bit of liberty with that claim, but legend has it that a diet of what we today call Sea Buckthorn leaves gave Pegasus his flying abilities!

Well bully for ancient Greek horses and mythical winged stallions, what’s sea buckthorn going to do for me?

panaxeaOil 300x264 - Hippophae Rhamnoides: Little Berry With Big Benefits

A better question would be…what isn’t Sea Buckthorn going to do for you?! Used in Indian, Chinese and Tibetan traditional medicine for centuries to relieve a variety of health issues, the oil of the Sea Buckthorn berry has high nutritional and medicinal values due to its rich anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. As we’ve previously discussed anti-oxidants are real powerhouses of skin care. You may have heard of the benefits of Sea Buckthorn Oil applied externally, including it’s promotion of hydration, elasticity and skin regeneration which are all pretty incredible; however it is also renowned for its positive effects when taken internally. With nearly 200 medicinal properties in its arsenal, this magical oil protects against infection and damage to bone marrow from radiation, prevents allergies, helps soothe dry eyes and eliminates inflammation just to name a few of its best qualities!

We stock Panaxea’s Mongolian Seabuckthorn Oil in the YAO Marketplace to bring all these benefits to our most treasured asset, our patients. This supplement is especially beneficial to our Beauty clients and we strongly suggest taking one 500mg capsule each day for the month prior to your mandelic peel to prepare your skin for the best possible and most effective peel experience possible. So now is the time to pick up your supply, in preparation for a peel or as an amazing addition to your own arsenal in the war against time. Blind your enemies (or just impress your friends) with the glowing skin and hair the oil of this wonderful little berry provides…you might even feel so good you can fly!

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