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Plain Jane? Not a Chance with Denver Dermaplane Services to Brighten & Tighten Skin

Plain Jane conjures the image of a dull or non-descript appearance.  YAO Beauty wants to see that beautiful vibrancy you are experiencing on the inside reflected on the outside.  So what in the heck is dermaplaning?

Already know about it? If you do already know about dermaplaning, chances are you are a big fan.  People love it.  Dermaplaning is a quick easy way to not only exfoliate but to also remove unwanted peach fuzz/facial hair at the same time.  Quick easy and instantaneously rewarding.

But why is it great?  What is it doing to your skin that is helpful?

As we age, we may notice that sometimes we lose that fresh, bright luminosity in our skin.  The reason for this is that the skin’s natural process for shedding old dead skin cells becomes much slower (did I say much? I meant MUCH slower). The process of sloughing off is technically referred to as desquamation.  Our decreased ability to desquamate (is that a real word?) leads to a slightly duller skin tone.

Dull be GONE!

plainJaneJar 300x200 - Plain Jane? Not a Chance with Denver Dermaplane Services to Brighten & Tighten Skin

Have you seen our jar (see image above) in the YAO Beauty room that shows you the layers of the skin?  We break it down into a layer of grapes, raisins and cornflakes. The grapes are the juicy full cells pumped plump with lipids. Our body’s natural process produces more skin cells like the grapes and pushes the older ones up and out. By the time they reach the surface they are flat and dehydrated, and if not sloughed off can lead to an ashy appearance on the skin.

Remember the ‘80’s lotion commercial where the woman scratches the word “dry” into her skin? She then applies the lotion and the word disappears like magic! But in the high desert climate in which we reside, it feels as if no amount of moisturizer can relieve that dryness. The reason for this is that those dead skin cells can not be rehydrated, or brought back to life. So, they are just sitting on the surface clogging up your pores, hiding the beautiful glow underneath.

Your exfoliating options…

So how do we combat this? There are lots of ways to exfoliate the skin our fave featured last…it’s no secret…we’re getting to it…it’s the dermaplaning.


Physical, also known as mechanical, exfoliants available to the general public are generally scrubs which use ingredients such as jojoba beads or ground nuts or seeds to physically scrape away dead skin cells. We have two wonderful ones here at YAO. YAO Brilliance Polish and YAO’s Charcoal Scrub. These are both wonderful for weekly use.


Alpha and beta hydroxyl acids as well as enzymes are chemical exfoliants that loosen the bonds that hold dead skin cells together. Depending on the health and condition of your skin, 1-2 uses of an exfoliant per week are recommended. As an esthetician I have a few more options to give you a deeper exfoliation.  Be sure to check out YAO’s very own Cherry Enzyme Peel that is also great for weekly use.

In the treatment room we have peels that go a bit deeper into the epidermis that accelerate the benefits of exfoliation by lessening the depth and breadth of wrinkles, lightening hyper-pigmentation, and improving texture. These peels will be our next step as we progress past the Fall season. Deeper peels are not something done while we still find ourselves outside running around in the sunshine.


plainJaneFuzz 269x300 - Plain Jane? Not a Chance with Denver Dermaplane Services to Brighten & Tighten Skin

Peach fuzz and dermal layers removed during dermaplaning.

There are also some stepped up physical means of exfoliation available to licensed estheticians, my favorite of which is dermaplaning. In this method, a #10 scalpel blade is used at a 45º angle to remove the top layer of dead skin cells and vellus hair, commonly known as peach fuzz. The result is smooth, glowing skin that better absorbs your wonderful serums and creams. Makeup artists, brides and everyday people alike love the smooth canvas dermaplaning provides! As my friend Karli exclaimed after her first session,

“I think dermaplaning will change my life!”

plainJaneCornflake 300x287 - Plain Jane? Not a Chance with Denver Dermaplane Services to Brighten & Tighten Skin

A clear view of dermal “cornflake” layers being removed during dermaplaning.

Now through October 31st, YAO Beauty department is running a Fall Exfoliation special, Dermaplane and Foot Polish Combo. Say goodbye to your summer dry skin for only $59!! YAO’s Beauty room with plush luxurious table awaits you! Call 303-777-7891 to book now.

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