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Treat Yourself This Valentine’s Day to a Spa Treatment at YAO

We believe that self love is the beginning to good health and we simply can’t shake the idea that self-love CAN truly start with some of the fabulous services (and even some of our way cool products) we offer right here at YAO. 

Gifting a set of these services, nurturing/pampering products (INSANELY AWESOME DISCOUNTS LISTED BELOW) or a simple elegant gift card simply can’t hurt the one you love and could only possibly assist them down this beautiful path of sparking that self love within.


We want our patients and their family and loved ones to all come into  healthful alignment.  Sometimes it can be difficult to  simply see the value in committing the time and energy it takes to moving into alignment.  Self love really allows us to truly understand our sense of worth. Our sense that we truly matter, not just to ourselves but to others as well, and therefore caring for our body is not a horribly selfish time suck, but a way to create our best self for those wonderful people who surround us.  It really is a WIN/WIN.

So what do we have? GOODIES GALORE!


Who needs gluten when you can feel like JELL-O? You may have tried YAO Bodywork…but have you tried it in one of these exciting pairings? Book either of these two 60 minute treatment combos OR purchase a gift certificate for them for someone special by Feb. 14th and we’ll take 20% off

  • Acupuncture into Massage Or Massage into Acupuncture– If you are an established YAO Medicine patient, we can book you for an Acupuncture treatment with Daniel and follow it up with a 60 minute massage with one of our Bodywork therapists. 
  • Massage into Facial – Combine two awesome treatments into one extended appointment.  A 60 Minute YAO Signature Massage coupled up with a YAO Signature Facial (60 mins).

Book theses two options in tandem with your Valentine.  Tell our front desk staff and we will work to get you both in together so that youwalk out of YAO feeling AMAZING!

OR – Two hours is too much? Let us Pamper Your Little Piggies – Try these two options for your feet – book by Feb. 14th and we’ll take 15% off:

  • 60 Minute YAO Signature Massage combo’d with a 30 Minute foot Massage & Scrub -You’ll walk away with your feet feeling light as feathers. (YAO’s signature herbal balm application included)
  • 90 Minute YAO Extended Massage with an integrated 15 minute YAO Foot Polish – Heavenly! (YAO’s signature herbal balm application included)


10% off YAO’s Take on the Classic Valentine Gifts – Chocolate, wine, massage oil…We’ve got all of that and more.  Here are some of our fun fave’s.

Beauty & Body

Face – Feel Like Royalty – for divine skincare

  • Cherry Enzyme Mask
  • Undaria Argan Oil
  • Osea’s Sea Vitamin Boost (pomegranate extract, Gigartina Red algae)
  • Palace Treasure Trio – Ultimate A, Ultimate C, Ultimate Peptides
  • Royal Honey Lifting Serum


  • Anti Aging Body Balm – Heavenly scented. Fabulous for Massage!
  • Undaria Algae oil  – Also great for Massage and gorgeous scent!
  • YAO Body Brush  – Fabulous for dry brushing
  • Acuballs – Awesome body self- massage tools


  • Baby Foot – For Super Soft Feet (Best if combo’d w/ foot polish treatment from YAO Bodywork)

For Confident Kissing

  • Supreme Oral Care w/Yin-care™
  • Pur Gum (Spearmint, Wintermint, Bubblegum & Cinnamon)

 For Intimate Encounters…

Keeping Things Clean & Fresh Before Intimacy & Cooled Off Post-Sexy time…for the ladies

  • Yin-care™ Original 100ml/256ml
  • Yin-care™ Classic 100ml/256ml
  • Applicators

 Chocolate & Luscious Candies

  • Bright and tasty – Torie & Howard Organic hard candies 5 Flavors
  • Nib More Dark Chocolate with Cherries
  • Zazubean Extra Dark Chocolate
  • Zazubean Pomengranate and Hazelnut
  • Vivoo raw 100% organic unsweetened extra dark chocolate

Wine & Flowers

Bouquets From The Tea Market

  • Rose Hip Oolong
  • Jasmine Silver Needle
  • Jasmine Pearl
  • Osmanthus Oolong
  • Hibiscus Oolong
  • Desert Rose
  • Organic Rose Hips
  • Chyrsanthemum
  • Lavender

Wine Without the Headache – Sulfite Remover

Planning on indulging in a bottle of wine but your special someone has sulfite sensitivities? Ullo is a MUST!

  •  Ullo Wine Purifier
  • Ullo Wine Filters


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loveOseaProducts 300x225 - Treat Yourself This Valentine's Day to a Spa Treatment at YAO

loveSilverNeedles 237x300 - Treat Yourself This Valentine's Day to a Spa Treatment at YAO

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loveOolong2 225x300 - Treat Yourself This Valentine's Day to a Spa Treatment at YAO

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