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Open Enrollment Blues

Every year we hear from a few of our most trusted and regular patients how frustrated they are with how insurance does not cover what we do at YAO.  We sure do hear you.  We understand that many of you consider YAO Clinic to be your place of true primary care.  We are the place you first call when anything goes wrong…the first sign of a sore throat, a flu that seems to have lingered too many days, when a family member checks into the hospital for surgery, etc.  We’re there for the unexpected side effects of beauty enhancement surgeries (loss of sensation in the breast, or around the areas of incision for nips and tucks).  And…..YAO has also been there as your trusted Chinese Medical Hospital when sudden and unexpected events occur such as stroke.

We know you pay for YAO out of your own pocket directly and we recommend you consider the following criteria when looking at your options in Open Enrollment as well as thoroughly read through our commitment to you included here as well.

For Consideration

  1. Do a cost analysis part 1 – Look over your past year’s out of pocket expenses that you paid toward your health plan.  This should include all co-pays and all deductibles that need to be met.
  2. Cost analysis part 2 – Pool together the monthly cost for your insurance coverage.
  3. Cost analysis part 3 – pool together parts one and two to see your total out of pocket cost.
  4. What are your physical conditions that may contribute to the need for western medical care? – Sit down and honestly list the things you might feel dependent upon as it relates to your western medical care.  Pregnancy, Aging, upcoming surgeries/procedures, medications?  Do you have circumstances that you feel would contribute to the likelihood of your need for this type of care?
  5. How much money do you spend on your wellness? – Tally up how much money you spend on taking good care of yourself. This can be the difference in your grocery bill from generic food to organic.  It can be herbs and supplements spent at other vitamin and herb stores, etc.
  6. How much money do you spend at YAO? – Tally that all up. What have you spent on herbs and medical/wellness appointments at YAO? This can include acupuncture, massage and facials…they are all part of your own wellness.
  7. Now look at your own personal big picture – Look at your fear and comfort factors.  Is there a way you can afford to increase your deductible so that you are more in the range of catastrophic coverage and invest that money more in your own health and wellness?…buying good food…choosing practitioners that assist in supporting your health?
  8. What’s the difference in plans that have doctors you already use or are comfortable with? – If yo down grade your plan, you may need to go to an in-network doctor/s with whom you are unfamiliar. Consider what you are willing to pay to stay with the doctor/s that you already know.
  9. Which doctor/s or networks might work best with what you are doing at YAO? We are taking this on with a vengeance a YAO.  We want to work more closely with your other providers.  Creating a care contracts with your other providers.  So consider this if your choice of provider is definitely part of your decision.
  10. And the last and most bold…Do you need to have western medical insurance?  This may seem very bold and it is!  But our current state of health care is beginning to beg us to actually ask this question. Could you financially handle a catastrophe with your own resources?  If so, know what the penalties are for tax purposes for choosing not to have health insurance before you make this bold choice to take this adventurous journey.  But if you are a YAO regular and decide to do this…let us know! We would like to be sure we know that you are EXTRA counting on us to be there! #YAOlifer – If you are interested in doing this but unsure, please let us know your thoughts and feelings around this. Let’s open this conversation together. Feel free to email Margaret at [email protected]. But do remember our scope of practice is only Chinese Medicine; so you really need to be honest with yourself about what you may need as far as western medicine is concerned.

Our Commitment to our YAO Family

At YAO, we consider our patients part of our YAO Family.  We have taken the true ancient models of how Chinese Medicine was applied in Confucian Societies and attempted in our best ways (with constant room for improvement) to apply it to today’s day and age.  It’s our job to keep you well.  To keep you empowered in your own daily life and choices that support your health.   Therefore, here is our commitment to you:

  1. We are here to stay! – YAO has no plans of packing up and leaving.  We are here to stay and Daniel is very carefully training a staff to support the YAO Family of patients longterm.
  2. Keeping care affordable – We will make every effort to keep your services and YAO Market prices affordable.  We are constantly coming up with new ideas for how we can group things or offer discounts throughout the year to make  your regular care and some specialty offers within your budget.
  3. Creating more availability- We know you have busy schedules and busy lives and it is our commitment to you to come up withe even more ways to make ourselves available and accessible to you both at the clinic and while you are away.

Turning your blues to greens!

openEnrollmentGreens 300x191 - Open Enrollment Blues

It is our wish that having a quick look here will help you not only bring more vibrant green growth into your life but will also keep more of those green bills in your pocket. We look forward to working with you as a true partner in your health, illness and wellness!


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