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How to Manage Holiday Stress with Yao’s Bodywork Services

Everyone knows that holiday stress can creep into our bodies so easily.  We think we are grounded, knocking off things on our “to do” list and then WHAM…we get hit by a cold, we are late to an engagement, we can’t orchestrate the timing of getting things done correctly etc and we feel the stress and anxiety clamber up inside our body.  

Both of our YAO Massage Therapists have come up with some fabulous ways to beat the holiday stress.


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Breathing can be so underrated!  At YAO, we often find that many of our patients do not truly understand deep diaphragmatic breathing.  Short, high breaths can easily contribute to stress and anxiety.  There is incredible nourishment and relaxation that simply comes from learning how to properly breathe.


  1. Find a comfortable position: lying down, sitting in a comfortable chair or other. 
  2. Close your eyes and let your breath fall lower and lower into your abdomen. This means that when you inhale, your belly should rise up and when you exhale it should fall back into the body. 
  3. To add a more energetic component, imagine your breath as a beam of new fresh energy or light coming in through the top of your head and finding the place in your body where you are holding stress. Imagine the new energy coming in and transforming any old stagnant energy. Any old energy can dissipate from the body through the feet or head an can be recycled back into the earth.


Take a moment to just relax your body by doing a short visualization. Close your eyes and visualize a calming place with every sense of your body.  What does this space feel like? Smell like? What is the air temperature? What sounds are transpiring? Possibly a light breeze? Smell the air around you, notice the light and shadows that exist in this space.  Be present here and allow yourself to practice some deep breaths in this space.

Fluid Movement

Enough sitting and standing still, learn to move each joint in the body through its range of motion.  If you do this 20 times each morning, you will increase the synovial fluid in the joints. It gets the body moving and awake..ready to face the day!

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Joseph’s Tips

Boost Your Immune System with Regular Massage

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Cold and flu season can be extremely challenging on the body.  Did you know that massage therapy is a proven immune booster?  Numerous studies have indicated that massage increases the immunity by increasing the lymph flow and body’s natural “Killer cells”. Once the immune system is stronger, your body is more prepared to defend itself against those cold and flu viruses going around your workplace, school or even your home during the winter months. Booking regular massage throughout cold and flu season is a wonderful measure that will aid in assuring a smooth Cold and Flu season. 

Improve Overall Circulation in Winter with Massage  

Hands and feet can easily get cold and clammy during the winter months.  We may also find an increase in stiffness in joints and muscles with the chilly weather.  Massage therapy increases the circulation in muscles, joints and organs warming up the body.  The aches and pains associated with the chill can be easily eliminated with regular massage in our cozy YAO Bodywork room. 

Thanks for the Massage, My Winter Blues are Gone!

As it turns out there is a decrease in number of those affected by winter blues in those who receive regular massage.  Ah, the power of touch! 

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