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YAO’s Introductory Massage Therapy Series is a Super Steal

experienceYaoBodyWork 300x157 - YAO’s Introductory Massage Therapy Series is a Super Steal

We are our own worst enemy as far as taking care of ourselves sometimes.  So at YAO we decided to take away one of those fast talkers inside your head that says you can’t afford a massage and we created a true steal for a fabulous massage.  Our introductory rates for massage simply can’t be beat.  We offer a one hour massage for only $41 OR a package of three one hour massages for only $115 (that’s only $38.33 per massage with the 3 Pack).

You see, the beauty of Chinese Medicine’s application is that it constantly looks to be tailored  to the era of the people. In this day and age, we are over stressed and under rested which often creates exacerbated conditions for such things as auto-immune disorders, breeding grounds for cancers and a perfect storm for an injury.  Time to rest, rejuvenate and unwind can be the missing piece in your journey to health and wellness.  The healing power of touch has always been a part of Chinese Medicine but it’s our job at YAO to create a way that this part of your health can be a simple part of your routine life. Taking the bite out of the price so you can see what it’s like to have a monthly or bi-monthly massage a try is one practical application of the medicine that we have come up with for our YAO Family.

Never fear.  If you absolutely, love the regular massage…we still got your back (pun intended). We have a YAO Massage Membership program as well.  Depending both on how frequently you choose to come and your own personal wellness budget, we have 3 options to choose from.  You can purchase

  • 6 for 6 at $390 ($65 per session total value $480 )
  • 12 for 6 $695 ($58 per session total value $960)
  • 24 for for 6 $1320 ($55 per session total value $1920)

Total values are based on our standard price for the YAO Signature Massage of $80.  These prices can either be paid in full or in two payments.

At YAO we never upsell you on anything.  If you come in for a deep tissue massage, you get a deep tissue massage at this same price.  If you come in for a lymphatic drainage massage…again…same price.  The only reason you would pay more is if you chose to extend your massage for another 30 minutes to create an hour and a half massage and we can happily add that time on if you need it for an additional $40 should you desire.

Out of deep respect for our talented Massage Therapists, we do ask that any gratuity you leave for them be based on the standard rate of service of $80 for a one hour massage or $120 the YAO Extended Massage for 1 1/2 hours and our recommended gratuity would be 18%.

We respect your resources that you alot for your wellness and therefore there are no smoke and mirrors with what we offer to you.  The next step is to take a peak at our Chinese medicine practitioners and decide which one is the best fit for you.  So have a look here to learn more about Joseph Peters and Liddy Tryon! After that, simply give us a call or complete the request an appointment form online. We look forward to seeing you more regularly at YAO Bodywork.

Hours & Locations

Phone: 307-205-6704

Lander, Wyoming
795 Garfield Avenue
Lander, WY 82520

Hours: M-F 10-6
Starting mid-Jan. 2022

YAO Annex Denver
1705 South Pearl Street, Suite 2A
Denver, CO 80210

Hours: Variable monthly

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