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Melt Away Your Stress: Get a Thai Massage in Denver w/ Liddy

stressManagement1 300x281 - Melt Away Your Stress: Get a Thai Massage in Denver w/ Liddy

Meet Liddy – Oh the power of touch!  Liddy has those soft nurturing hands that will take your stressed out, overworked and under slept body and  lull it into a peaceful state where deep nourishing and replenishing overwhelms the senses allowing you to recalibrate to the calm and relaxed person you know resides inside.  Whether you are suffering from stress to extenuating life circumstances such as divorce, loss of a loved one, or the regular rigors of daily life, Liddy’s hands will be that oasis to bring you back home to yourself once again.  Liddy is both a Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist with a background spanning both Eastern and Western schools of massage.  Liddy incorporates Swedish, Deep Tissue, Structural Integration, Tui Na, Neuromuscular Therapy and Thai Massage into her own special practice tailored to each patient’s needs. 

Pre-Natal & Thai Massage – We are thrilled to announce our upcoming bookings for Liddy in both Pre-Natal and Thai Massage and even a combo of both of those together!  At present, we are developing the best space to incorporate these offerings and we look forward to opening our schedule for you to book very soon!