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How Acupuncture Can Improve Your Sexual Health

The professionals at our Denver acupuncture clinic want to be sure you know is that your sexual health and happiness is a very large part of your overall health and wellness.  Chinese Medicine can be extremely helpful in re-igniting your love life.  And when we mean love life, we mean your sexual pleasure and orgasmic love life whether that’s with a partner or solo (wink, wink).

How Can Acupuncture Help Your Libido?

Most of us in the west are most familiar with the branch of Chinese Medicine called acupuncture.  Yes, of course, acupuncture can be helpful in cases of decreased libido, but oftentimes a tailor-made herbal formula is what really makes things stick (pun intended).

That all being said, what we hear from most of our patients at YAO is that the acupuncture was wonderful and the herbs have definitely helped, but truly it was the candid conversation with their YAO practitioner that allowed our patients to look at their health in a different way, a way that allowed more relaxation or comfort.  Whether our patients have felt the significant pressure of having sex in order to get pregnant or the challenges of being intimate due to vaginal dryness, the nagging hemorrhoid preventing any action or the deep sadness of loss of a partner and that challenge to move on.  We are here for all of those many deep facets of you that make up the entire beautiful picture of who you truly are.

Call Our Denver Acupuncture Clinic to Learn More About Our Services

We want you to shine and to feel a deep sense of radiant love, not only on Valentine’s Day but every day! Radiant love first for yourself and from there your love will permeate all that you do, everyone you encounter.

And if you want that extra touch of sexy, don’t forget that Tami’s got your back, your bikini and all other parts that need a little waxing for the extra sexy time you may find privately with your intimate lovers as part of YAO Beauty! Let us know how our Traditional Chinese Medicine day spa can be of service.

Happy Valentine’s Day from your YAO Family!

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