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Mindful Goes Gorgeous

At YAO we strive to bring the entire body into balance including face and skin. It is our wish that your inner health, vitality and beauty be reflected on the outside and we are happy to offer services through YAO Beauty to support you. We truly believe that there are several layers to truly unlocking your radiance.

  1. Consistent nourishment (internal and external)
  2. Allowing yourself to receive “tending to”
  3. Implementing skin rituals appropriate to one’s life style

When these three steps are followed, the radiance that exudes is quite powerful. One or two of these steps are also great…but all three together are amazing. Like losing weight or toning the body, studying for a degree, etc…it takes consistent implementation of each step to see results. Nourishment internally and externally – what you are eating and applying to your skin. If you have one good meal and one weekend facial that you give yourself, it looks great, but even better is when you work these into your daily personal care routines. Same for being “tended to” or receiving treatment. There is something magical that happens when you allow yourself to be tended to. The act of making oneself vulnerable for another to come in and assist.  We don’t know how to explain it, but in our touch deprived culture the act of coming in for even a short inexpensive service can go quite a long way. And lastly, finding that magic balance of skin rituals that fit your lifestyle. These are how you care for your skin on a daily basis and what you are using. So what works with your busy lifestyle and what works with your budget? It’s our goal to help you discover how this can be done and trust us…we CAN help you come up with a plan that will work. We have an AMAZING team!


Recall that we do Chinese Medicine here at YAO. It’s about understanding the body, the seasons, the environment, the lifestyle, etc.  for each individual.  Here in Colorado, we have found that the severe dryness can massively impact skin health of our patients and the organic sea algae line of products, OSEA, is a wonderful fit to manage this. OSEA brings the nourishment of the ocean waters near Patagonia where the seaweed and algaes are harvested to the dryness of the Colorado Rocky Mountain Region of Denver. We additionally use our own YAO Beauty products that we have added where we felt that OSEA fell short, and lastly, utilize some more aggressive (yet respectful to the body’s cycles) options by Circadia.  All of the products used in YAO Beauty are gluten free and are free from animal testing.

YAO Beauty Treatment Room

YAO Beauty room has been specially designed to allow for deep relaxation using the ancient technologies and science of Chinese Feng Shui as well as incorporating the top of the line esthetics equipment.

Team YAO at Your Service

In addition to coming in for your YAO Beauty appointment, you may be inter-referred to the YAO Medicine Department where tailor make compounded formulas can be created for the individual as it relates to thicker hair, fewer wrinkle lines or even brighter skin tone as well as other medical complaints. All of our departments (Medicine, Bodywork, Beauty & Vitality) work as a team. Having trouble strategizing meals that support your beauty regimen, we can hook you in with our Vitality Coach. Need a little extra TLC, we can combo your treatment with a massage or acupuncture.  YAO is about YOU coming into your own vitality. Your radiant beauty is simply the outward sign that what’s happening on all the levels is really working.


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Ready to try YAO Beauty for your first time? We would love to introduce you to our Beauty Program and have come up with 2 really great options from which you may select. Please note that you may only pick one of these as your introductory package to YAO Beauty. After coming in to receive one of these deals, you will either pay our standard fee or sign up for one of our YAO Beauty Membership options.

Please also remember that the membership program excludes gratuity. See below for YAO’s gratuity recommendation.


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This super deal on the YAO Extended Facial is a wonderful selection if you want to only try us once! See below for details.

YAO EXTENDED FACIAL –Experience the ultimate facial indulgence! This extensive and relaxing deep pore cleansing includes dermal exfoliation, a hydrating steam and extractions.  Enjoy a soothing scalp and neck as well as hand and foot massage, followed by a mask to restore and balance your skin. The YAO Extended Facial is a fabulous choice for your first time facial or if it’s been a while between treatments.



yao90MinFacialPlus - Beauty Services


* regular price for 1 YAO Extended Facial plus 2 YAO 30- Minute Maintenance Facials

Our series of three facials beginning with the YAO Extended facial is for the customer who really wants to explore what it’s like to receive facials with regularity. Not only will you receive the YAO Extended facial to begin the series, but 2 follow up YAO Maintenance Facials for the two months following. Please see YAO Services Page for more information on these two services.

YAO 30 MIN MAINTENANCE FACIAL –This multifaceted facial is designed with your skin in mind. With thorough skin analysis, our expert esthetician creates the perfect treatment using deep cleansing, exfoliation, massage and a skin specific, high antioxidant rich mask. You will leave feeling deeply cleansed and hydrated. A wonderful monthly facial. The most fabulous part is that it’s ONLY 30 minutes. You can pop IN and pop OUT of YAO quickly while still caring for your skin with regularity.



Gratuities are excluded from service fees and are welcome at your discretion.
In consideration of our therapists, YAO recommends a
minimum gratuity of 18% of the STANDARD service fee.