Your First Visit to YAO

For your first visit to YAO, you will want to complete some initial patient paperwork.  Please click through below and print these forms out and complete by hand.  You are welcome to email your paperwork to us by scanning it and sending it to: or simply bring it in with you to your first visit.

Additionally, if you have had any recent lab work done, please feel free to make copies of these results and bring them with you for your YAO doctor to review or alternatively, scan and email as suggested above. If you haven't had any recent lab work done, please don't worry yourself.  If necessary, we can order labs directly from YAO or work with you to utilize the most cost effective method should your Health Insurance cover them.

We recommend that you set aside at least 3 full hours for your initial visit.  You will be here likely for 2 hours.  We see many complex cases here at YAO and though we do our darndest to create a wonderful flow of great patient care, sometimes we can get some tricky cases in our door and we may be a bit behind. Setting aside plenty of time on your part can alleviate any unnecessary stress when you are coming for treatment.  We have put the following blog article together to explain a little bit more about what we term the "YAO TIME WARP".  We are wishful that you will find it to be pleasant reading. 

Looking forward to seeing you in person!

Team YAO



If you have never been to YAO, please click through below with map and directions.