YAO Prenatal Massage

To complement our New Mommy program at YAO, we are excited to bring you YAO's Pre-Natal Massage.  When you call to book your Pre-Natal Massage appointment, it will be scheduled as our YAO Signature Massage, but be sure to specify on the phone that you are pregnant.  We have a wonderful team of practitioners that will give you the well deserved rest you need while your body is busy creating baby!

At YAO we very much understand the rigors of both Mothers to be and Motherhood.  We invite you during this precious time of your pregnancy to come and give yourself to the table and our very skilled YAO Bodywork practitioners. Giving to everyone all day can build up toxins, stress and discomfort that the talented hands of our Bodywork team can unwind.   Come enjoy a moment to yourself during your pregnancy and allow us to work out all the tensions and worries of either becoming a new Mom or holding down the fort for your growing family.  Let YAO's lovely bodywork room keep you held and safe and nurtured for the hour to hour and half you have set aside to take care of YOU!