Daniel Hudson is the owner, founder, and President of YAO Company and Clinic in Denver, CO. As a professional practitioner in Chinese medicine, he has specialized both in Chinese herbal pharmacology with applied treatment of acupuncture in addition to female obstetric and gynecological issues. Daniel has been in practice for 20 years in the Washington Park neighborhood of Denver, CO.  He is a doctoral fellow in Chinese Medicine at Five Branches University.  Daniel’s primary education in Chinese Medicine began at The Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and his additional post-graduate studies includes advanced courses in Functional Endocrinology, Blood Chemistry, Feng Shui , Chinese Astrology and Homeopathy. He is the man responsible for bringing both of Yin-careHerbal Wash and Supreme Oral Care to the Western world and is the developer of a proprietary formula, Altigen, used for assisting those who are challenged by high altitude sickness. Daniel is a sought after lecturer and regularly lectures at various Chinese Medical Schools throughout the United States, at the Golden Gate School of Feng Shui and has presented at various conferences including the Colorado Pharmacist's Society. His fierce approach to practicing pure Chinese Medicine, his extensive intellectual understanding and his touching compassionate nature laced with undying humor makes him one of the most sought after  and well respected Chinese Medicine Practitioners in the United States.  When Daniel is not in the clinic you can find him doing home Feng Shui consults with his patients, out riding his motorcycle in the Rockies, catching a film, or perfecting a new recipe that he can share with his patients requiring special diets.

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Have a watch right here and see why many of our patients choose YAO to be a fundamental  pillar of their healthcare and how much they value Daniel's expertise.

Juan orraca, LAc - associate Clinician, YAO Medicine


Juan Orraca has been with YAO for a full year! Which if you happen to frequent YAO, you will know that a lot can happen in one year.  Though you may have met Juan on his way up to his current position as an Associate Clinician be it as working the front desk or performing his Medical Internship here at YAO, you will be pleased to now be able to see him in the clinic rooms alongside Daniel.  

Juan is a recent graduate from the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine (CSTCM).  Prior to attending Chinese Medical School, Juan became extremely interested in herbs and herbal medicine while venturing into the Amazon Rainforest with his teacher.  His passion in pursuing Chinese Medicine is what landed him here with us at YAO and we are thrilled to have him here with all of us.  The depth of his commitment to his continued studies outside of YAO as well as within is contagious and inspirational on a personal level and on a patient level...well, it's simply what you want to have in someone caring for you. Juan's quiet demeanor allows him to hear deep into the heart of his patients with a true sense of compassion for what they may be going through; while at the same time, his warm hearted smile, quick witted joke and contagious laugh can lighten the toughest of loads.  

After a year interning with Daniel's direct oversight,  Juan will be heading up YAO's Flash Clinic beginning in April of 2017. Our affordable, private and speedy 45 minute acupuncture Flash visits take place in the regular luxurious private rooms at YAO.  Starting at $60 per visit, YAO offers Flash packages and memberships bringing it down to as low as $45/visit.  Meeting Juan and checking out our Flash Clinic is a truly wonderful way to experience if YAO is  the right fit for you. For more information on the Flash Clinic at YAO click through here!