YAO Prenatal Massage

YAO Bodywork Services explained

Do not be deceived by our very reasonable prices.  Our number one  concern is making your out of pocket health care affordable. All YAO Bodywork therapists are highly trained licensed massage therapists and have done significant additional continuing education...some with years and years of it!  Basic training in massage therapy guarantees that our therapists are familiar with Swedish, Shiatsu, Acupressure, Foot Reflexology, Prenatal, Deep Tissue, Sports Therapy and basic Lymphatic; however, they often receive additional training in Lymphatic, Prenatal, Foot Reflexology, Thai, and more.   Please see our massage therapists specialties under their bios for more information.

Yao Signature Massage

$59 for First Timers! This hour massage is individualized to each patient’s needs. Whether you are wishing to relieve work stress, are recovering from a physical injury, wanting to release tight muscles from sporting endeavors or just knowing that receiving touch will be deeply important to your mental & emotional healing, this is the massage for YOU! Please see our massage therapists specialties under their bios.


$99 for First Timers! Similar to the one hour massage, but much more luxurious with the extra 30 mins (90 min)!  Enjoy this extended time for deep relaxation and release either as a regular treat or as that once a month special moment for yourself. Please see our massage therapists specialties under their bios.

YAO Lymphatic Drainage Massage $80

Lymphatic Massage (Cancer, Post-Masectomy, Post Surgical Inflammation, Edema, General Inflammation, Chronic Disease, Chronic Pain, Auto-Immune Conditions & For The Purely Curious)  YAO Practitioners are trained to work on many of our patients experiencing bouts with various forms of cancer using their advanced training in manual lymphatic/oncology massage.  Their training in this area allows them to understand the challenges experienced by patients going through and recovering from chemotherapy and radiation as well as how to work around ports including how to position the patient on the table considering the stage and procedures they are going through.  YAO Practitioners are very compassionate and have a deep sense of presence that can be very powerful for anyone experiencing the challenges posed by cancer.  That all being said, Lymphatic Massage is also very detoxifying and can be of great assistance in calming an embodiment coping with inflammation, such as those dealing with auto-immune conditions or other situations with inflammatory response.  Read here for WAY more details on Lymphatic! OR request your appointment below. Details on specifying LYMPHATIC are provided on request page.

YAO Prenatal Massage 

Pre-Natal Massage - At YAO we very much understand the rigors of both Mothers to be and Motherhood.  We invite you during this precious time of your pregnancy to come and give yourself to the table and our very skilled YAO Bodywork practitioners. Giving to everyone all day can build up toxins, stress and discomfort that the talented hands of our Bodywork team can unwind.   Come enjoy a moment to yourself during your pregnancy and allow us to work out all the tensions and worries of either becoming a new Mom or holding down the fort for your growing family.  Let YAO's lovely bodywork room keep you held and safe and nurtured for the hour to hour and half you have set aside to take care of YOU!  To learn more about YAO's Prenatal Massage READ HEREDetails on specifying PRENATAL are provided on request page.

Purchasing online

We offer several ways to purchase online either for yourself or for a loved one. If you are purchasing for yourself, just be sure that you enter yourself as the recipient.  If you are already a patient at YAO, please enter the email address and phone number that you normally use for YAO.  This way it will keep your credit attached to your current file.

Gratuities are excluded from service fees and are welcome at your discretion.  
In consideration of our therapists, YAO recommends a
minimum gratuity of 18% of the STANDARD service fee.