We feel extremely fortunate to extend two fabulous Massage Therapist practitioners to our YAO community.  Each of them bring unique qualities and practices literally to the table...the massage table, that is!  Our YAO Bodywork team offers a diverse set of techniques that are tailored to each individual YAO patient's needs.  In order for you to determine who might be the best fit for you, please have a read below.



Meet Nancy - Nancy's long graceful strokes that incorporate multiple parts of the body will have you at "hello" (ref. to Jerry Maguire). She's ALL IN! You have to experience it to understand this in full, but Nancy's passion for massage and bodywork has her fully invested at each moment in your care. In total, Nancy has 22 years of bodywork experience with consistent continued education in Acupressure, Thai Massage, Lymphatic, Pre-natal and plenty more.

Her deep knowledge of the body from both a  western and eastern perspective allows her to address your concerns in the most hidden of areas.  Often we find patient's surprised saying, "I had no idea, I had so much stuck in that spot." Her ability to expertly sniff out the cause of the self-reported pain is truly phenomenal and much to our amazement, it is often not at all even near the spot we told her we thought it was.  Her use of unconventional moves tricks your mind into a speedy release of tightened muscles.

Nancy is also YAO's Esthetician in YAO Beauty and can couple a YAO Signature Massage with other YAO Beauty treatments that may pique your interest.

Kimber Fournier - Massage Therapist

Meet Kimber - Playfully insightful massage. Held in skilled hands with 30 years of experience, your body, mind and spirit will take a journey with Kimber to the realm of Yogasage!  Kimber uses beautifully orchestrated stretching and reaching combined with nurturing strokes to completely unwind your body. Finding that your body is locking up in certain areas?  Kimber will tease your body into relaxation with a subtle playful joke that jogs the mind into allowing the body to become like a noodle. Recognized as the Best of Denver in 2009 for her profound work, we are very pleased to have Kimber on our YAO Bodywork team. She is both a certified and licensed massage therapist with additional training from the Aveda Institute.  Additionally, she continued her training in Jin Shin, Aromatherapy, Pre-Natal Massage, Infant Massage, Myofascial Release with John Barnes, Phenomenal touch with Leslie Bruder and LaStone Therapy...YES she works with hot stones!  Please be sure to meet Kimber when you book your YAO Signature Massage or YAO Extended Massage! Click below to request an appointment.