Never been to YAO before?  Or have you only been to our Medicine or Beauty portions of YAO?  We would love the opportunity to introduce you to YAO's Bodywork Program.  These specials, listed below, are only available for your first time coming into our Bodywork Program and have a 3 month expiration.  Please select ONE of the following options from below when you phone in for your first appointment.  Once you have participated in one of the below introductory deals, all follow ups will be at our regular standard prices OR you can then select from our Bodywork Membership Program options which will allow you to come with regularity at an extremely affordable rate and will also allow you some fabulous additional benefits - such as:

  • Add an additional family member/partner/dear friend to the membership at no additional cost!
  • Receive 5% discount on all items in YAO Marketplace!
  • Receive 10% discount on any other YAO services including acupuncture

But let's not get ahead of ourselves...

here are your options for starting out!



For only $59 you will receive your first YAO Signature Massage! Such a complete steal! 


For only $177 you will be able to come in for a series of three (3) YAO Signature Massages (see description below). You will need to use all three within three months after your first massage. This is designed to experience massage at the very least once per month!

*Offer good for first time YAO Bodywork customers.


YAO SIGNATURE MASSAGE - This one hour specially tailored massage is individualized to each YAO clinic patient’s needs.  Whether you are just trying to relieve the stress of work, family or other aspects of a busy life or are recovering from a physical injury, wanting to release tight muscles from sporting endeavors or just knowing that receiving touch will be deeply important to your mental and emotional healing.  Read here for more details!  OR Read here to learn more about our therapists! If you are interested in taking advantage of this introductory deal, but really wanted a 90 minute massage, never fear.  We can add on the additional time for you for only $40 more. 

Gratuities are excluded from service fees and are welcome at your discretion.  
In consideration of our therapists, YAO recommends a
minimum gratuity of 18% of the STANDARD service fee