Chocolate, Berries and YAO!

Tami our amazing YAO Beauty esthetician has been rocking out her Chocolate, Berries and Rose Water YAO Seasonal Facial over the past few weeks with stunning customer reviews.  Never fear, as Valentine's Day passes, you will still be able to receive this tasty aromatic facial for several more weeks to come.  Simply call us and either book specifically the YAO Seasonal Facial OR:

  • YAO Signature Facial
  • YAO Extended Facial

With whichever facial you book, you can discuss with Tami your skin issues, beauty desires and sensual experience preferences.  From this, the two of you will construct your perfect YAO Facial.  We won't up-sell you on anything.  You have access to Tami's full line of products that she has in our gorgeous esthetician room.  So if you want brightening, you can have brightening, if you prefer wrinkle treatment, we've got that too.  It's all included as part of your YAO Facial.

Call us at 303-777-7891 X 10 to book with Tami.

And remember, she's fabulous for your lovely lush lash and brow tints and sleek, smooth waxing needs!