YAO Beauty & Cathy Castor Share Winter Tips for Your Skin

The extreme cold, dry weather sure can do a number on your skin. Never fear...YAO Beauty has your back (and your face, lips, neck, hands, feet, etc.).  Here we're talking, hydration. Here are some fabulous tips from our truly amazing esthetician, Cathy Castor.


At YAO we always stress that good skin care starts from within and don't many of you know it! In this case besides telling you to avoid certain foods (our go-to, hahaha), we are telling you now that you CAN drink as MUCH water as you want! Generous, eh?

Hydrating your body really is  great for your skin.  Be sure to drink plenty of it, at least 8 - 8 ounce glasses of water per day. Having trouble remembering to drink your water.  Here's a couple ideas:

  1. Set a timer on your phone to go off every two hours until it becomes a habit.
  2. Love Apps?  Get Water Your Body, the App that helps you track how much water you've had AND reminds you when to drink another glass among a bunch of other cool things.


If you are celebrating the holidays with a cocktail or two, remember that alcohol dehydrates the skin. Alternate a glass of soda water with fruit after each cocktail to keep your skin hydrated. 


It happens!  Even when you are doing your best to hydrate, your skin can still feel insanely dry and itchy.  So here's a few things YAO Beauty can offer.

Deep Exfoliating Facial - Book a 75 Minute YAO Extended Facial and within that you can receive a deep exfoliating facial with Cathy using either the Dermafile or receiving a Dermaplane. The Dermafile actually uses a diamond file to exfoliate the top layers of skin and stimulate the skin to create new cells. Dermafiling is very similar to what we know as Microdermabrasion; however there is no suction device that can at times cause damage to capilarries. The Dermaplane actually removes these layers but using a different technique.  Here we are actually shaving off the layers of skin and starting anew.  Be sure to request which of these services you would prefer if you are going for this Deep Exfoliating Treatment.  Not sure which one?  I (Cathy) can discuss this with you personally when you arrive and we can decide even at the time of your visit.

3 AMAZING Osea products that are the bomb for hydrating the skin (mind you, this was difficult to pick 3 as truly all of the products are SUPER hydrating) . Post deep exfoliation and also for general maintenance the following products are TOPS for keeping your skin hydrated

  1. Vitamin Sea Serum ($66.99) is a super serum that helps increase sun protection and delivers an instant antioxidant boost. After cleansing, softly circle one pump of serum around the face and neck. This fabulously hydrating serum contains Vitamins C and E as well as seven different types of seaweed, and green tea extract that plump up dry, dehydrated, moisture deprived skin.  It also contains Hyaluronic Acid, and the three main Osea sourced organic Patagonia seaweeds: Undaria, Gigartina and Macrocystis.
  2. Undaria Argan Oil ($30.99) is an anti-aging blend of pure Morroccan Argan oil and Undaria algae that is gentle for all skin types. Undaria Algae inhibits the activity of hyaluronidase, an enzyme that breaks down the hyaluronic acid in our skin, causing it to appear and feel dry among other things. Argan Oil contains high levels of polyphenols which are know to combat UVB induced wrinkles and general effects of aging. This combination is super hydrating and creates a protective barrier on the skin.  This is applied under moisturizer and is great for face, hands, eyes AND LIPS...very soothing on dried lips.
  3. Advanced Protection Cream ($96.99) is an exteremely rich antioxidant moisturizer generally for dry, sensitive and aging skin; however in the winter months of Denver the Advanced Protection Cream is nearly good for everyone suffering from dry skin. This super cream is a blend of naturally derived amino acids, vitamins, botanical oils, trace elements and sea mineral which hydrate and nourish dry, depleted skin. DPHP, the second ingredient, helps even out hyperpigmentation, fine lines and stimulates collagen production.  Now if that isn't a super product, I don't know what is!


There are so many other great products in the Osea line designed to really nourish and hydrate the skin.  It's very difficult to select just a few for everyone.  So if you want more information...Feel free to comment below, and I can write more. Or send an email to me at [email protected] and I am more than happy to respond to your individual questions any time.  Eyes and Lips, also great...Sea Mineral and Sea Vitamin Boost sprays (like drinking water throughout the day, these can be sprayed onto the skin to rehydrate), Anti Aging Body Balm for the whole body...luscious and so incredibly hydrating.  Looking forward to seeing all of you soon for your next visit at YAO Beauty.  Stay tuned for our official launch of YAO's Beauty Rejuvenation Program that captures both this fabulous deep exfoliation treatment with Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture where Michelle Luiz, LAc and I will be working together!

by Cathy Castor